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[Hulk] Meteor Strike

Meteor strike isn't resetting any cool downs gained through talents. This applies to all additional charges(Ultimate Destruction, Cratering Stomp, Pummel) as well as moves gaining cool downs that don't have one without the talent(Gamma Strike, Hulk Smash)


  • Damienmc90Damienmc90 Posts: 895 Amazing

    This still applies, has not been fixed.

    Additional information, it also only resets one charge of his powers that normally have charges. This includes his Demolishing Charge and Avalanche Leap. I can't remember if this is new or not, might be.... Regardless even if this is by design, since it isn't applying to Hulk Smash or Gamma Strike at all there is still a bug to be looked into.

    If this IS a design choice please adjust the text on Meteor Strike accordingly. Should say:
    "Instantly refresh 1 charge of all Powers currently on cooldown"
    Instead of:
    "Instantly refresh all Powers currently on cooldown"

  • GazWinterthurGazWinterthur Edge of the Spider-VersePosts: 72 Staff
    edited October 10

    @Calypiez is aware of this issue.

    Thank you for your patience!

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