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  • Damienmc90Damienmc90 Posts: 895 Amazing

    @Tekyn said:
    Minimal testing with Oath of the Destroyer shows that each individual crit from AoEs counts for Rage stacks. You can hit the target dummy room and proc it with the one piece set bonus (goes off at 50 stacks) with only a few bursts of Quicksand.

    BUT...Destroyer's Wrath (the guaranteed brutal buff) wont start until you stop channeling. This could be bad...time wasted holding the channel without the brutals kicking in...or it could be good...you KNOW it's going to start after you do the next hit after letting go of Quicksand.

    As a side note, as long as you start your Quicksand before the Destroyer's Wrath wears off you can hold it for as long as you want and keep the brutals rolling... Until you stop casting or get interrupted, the skill keeps brutal striking every tick.

    So, as to why it seems like it's taking too long to proc sometimes for me, apparently it's because I'm holding my Quicksand too long and not allowing the Destroyer's Wrath to start up. Seems like good news all around, honestly.

    This must be a bug, right @Asros @AgentPilot @AgentVapor @Calypiez ? I mean, if it isn't a bug.... Then dead pool would just use it with his 24/7 mobile channel power to constantly brute on the move.... Mix that with Ultimate Nullifier and it won't even matter that it has low base damage.

  • CalypiezCalypiez Gazillion NowherePosts: 28 Staff

    @Winterthur is looking into this, ty :)

    ~Systems Designer~

  • LukeFonFabreLukeFonFabre Apex GamingPosts: 19 Mighty

    That’s just called snapshotting. It’s been in the game forever...

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