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Chapter 4, Upper East Side, Invaded Basement

Kayden1984Kayden1984 Odense, DenmarkPosts: 1 New Agent

Unable to complete Invaded Basement, because one of the Lava men is stuck inside a beam in the instance. Buttomleft of the entrance.


  • AshleykAshleyk Posts: 1 New Agent

    Getting the same, bump

  • DacotoDacoto Posts: 1 New Agent

    Also having the same problem. Lavaman spawns inside the pillar. Can be targeted, but can't be hit with anything.

  • RQ21RQ21 Posts: 5 New Agent

    Same thing, and tried too to hit it with something and nothing.

  • ForeignammoForeignammo Posts: 1 New Agent

    Yeah I can't do anything to kill the lava man

  • Thanks for the heads up! We will be sure to look into this as soon as possible.

  • asylumaxleasylumaxle Glendale, AZPosts: 2 New Agent

    I've killed him several times. You have to use an aoe power, like Ghost Rider's fire breath or Squirrel Girl's stampede.

  • MespoMespo Posts: 303 Amazing

    same bug was in the ps4 version but i think they fixed it during the last patch

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