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Achievements not unlocking.

RushPUNKRushPUNK Houston, TexasPosts: 8 Mighty

Some of the Chapter Achievements will not unlock for me. It doesn't matter what hero I use or how many times I beat the chapters they still wont unlock. The chapters are 3,6 and 8.


  • BertholdtHooverBertholdtHoover Posts: 385 Amazing

    Damn, achievement problems on Xbox too? D:

    The power of the cosmic cube protects me!

  • StarkMarineStarkMarine Posts: 2 New Agent

    No achievements are unlocking for me at all. It is strange because the game is not showing up for me as owned on the True Achievements website.

  • Staind1603Staind1603 Posts: 1 New Agent

    No achievements will unlock at all for me...I've done the prologue and the 1st chapter multiple times and nothing....Do devs know about this? I don't want to play unless it gets fixed.

  • RahvinanRahvinan Posts: 2 New Agent

    Same here...chapter 6 achievement will not unlock. Defeated Magneto with 2 different characters and still nothing. Oddly enough none of my achievements to this point have showed on screen when I've got them but they show up as received through the xbox achievement tab. All except the Chapter 6 one. The other player I defeated Magneto with in a party got his achievement. Just want to know if there is a fix or is it just broken for as long as I'm playing the game

  • Hi!

    This is very concerning and I can fully understand how frustrating this would be. I just have a couple questions as I try to narrow down what might be causing the issue. These questions apply for all users on this thread, and any others who have experienced issues gaining their achievements. Did you download the game on multiple XB1 consoles? Are you playing through the title on a console that is not your "Home" console? Are you able to earn any Achievements or are there just specific ones that are not unlocking? As you are playing through the story, are you exclusively playing in a party or are you playing alone?

    Any and all information you can provide is extremely helpful in trying to narrow down this issue and make sure that you and all our users are properly awarded for their efforts in Marvel Heroes.

  • RahvinanRahvinan Posts: 2 New Agent

    Thanks for responding. For me I have been able to get notifications for achievements when playing alone. In a party with someone it never tells me that I have gotten an achievement I always just looked later and it was there. I have been able to get all achievements earned except chapter 6 as I was in a party when it happened. I have downloaded the game on 2 xbox one consoles in my home. But each console has a different profile on it and when the achievement failed to trigger I was on my "home" xbox and my son was on his. Like I said before everything seems to work fine unless I'm in a party with another player....then their achievement message triggers and mine doesn't. I just want to see if I can get that chapter 6 achievement to trigger. I have tried multiple times to play through chapter 6 with same and different characters to no avail. I even tried deleting profile and redownloading it to no avail. Everything I have tried has met with failure lol. Frustrating. Has been an awesome game to this point....this has been my only issue. Anyway hope all this helps.

  • DragonYoung99DragonYoung99 Posts: 1 New Agent

    I play on my own console, not installed on any others. I have gotten all acheivements so far except the Beat Electra in Chapter 3, achievement. I play alone. I have played with others before, but mostly alone.

  • henplophenplop Posts: 12 Mighty

    For me, everything has been unlocking except for "Going for Gold"- Loot a Cosmic Medallion. I have found, equipped, and sold multiple cosmic medallions, and this achievement has never popped.

    I probably average at least one cosmic medallion every cosmic Daily Bugle op run, and I've run a LOT of daily bugles.

    Only play on a single xboxone, although I stream to PC from time to time using in-game streaming.

  • sstmansstman Posts: 1 New Agent

    Obtaining the "secret" achievement of defeating a cosmic doop is not unlocking for me. I've defeated one on 3 separate occasions, alone and with a group where others unlocked it but it still won't unlock for me. I've had no problems unlocking any achievements so far but this one won't unlock.

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