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Chest exploit

LordBlackheart718LordBlackheart718 Bronx, New YorkPosts: 12 Mighty

I am on the XB1, playing with 2 other players who said if I knew how to "glitch". They then offered to show me, and I clipped it for documentation.


  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  • MespoMespo Posts: 303 Amazing

    Hahahaha i like how you asked them to send you the clip and then ratted them out. You could have just posted it on here and been like hey gaz fix this exploit

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  • GrizznitchPs4GrizznitchPs4 Posts: 166 Incredible

    cause 1 small xp orb is game breaking lol

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  • PureShootaPureShoota NYPosts: 49 Mighty

    @AgentMadness said:
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    There are many other things that also requires your "attention". But you may as well fix this first, we don't want anyone leveling too fast now do we?...


  • I can understand some frustration. Any game at launch has issues. I assure you however, that this is one very minor thing on a long list that we are working on fixing. ;)

  • LordBlackheart718LordBlackheart718 Bronx, New YorkPosts: 12 Mighty

    Thank you for taking the time to respond, truly appreciate it

  • ATG LuckySlayerATG LuckySlayer Posts: 79 Mighty

    this is not even close to what they should be paying attension to guys there are so many real issues and 1 small xp orb doesnt break the leveling system at all hehehe

  • TruePotheadTruePothead East CoastPosts: 24 Mighty

    from what i cant tell random chests can be opened a good 10+ times but lets be real, the loot is trash lol just playing the game is much more rewarding in every aspect. on another note, all i care about is you guys fixing that patrol lag. it truly is unbearable.

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