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The Marvel Heroes Omega Servers for the PlayStation 4 is back up with Patch 1.04a! Thank you for your patience and enjoy the game.

No synergy bonus xp

phractalsphractals KnightedPhiladelphiaPosts: 97 Mighty

Just hit 60 with first character and the bonus synergy xp still says 0%. Maybe have to finish story first?

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  • BitripBitrip Posts: 64 Mighty

    Curious to know about this as well.

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  • MercwithMouth82MercwithMouth82 Posts: 1,548 Astonishing

    Oh my... Keep us updated.

    Is it still considered friendly fire if I hate you?

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  • phractalsphractals Knighted PhiladelphiaPosts: 97 Mighty

    I'm blasting through rest of story fast as possible to find out. Wasting valuable boost time however

    PSN ID: subaru420, really wish I could change it

  • FugitiveMindFugitiveMind Posts: 82 Mighty

    Do you need to just change to another character to trigger it maybe?

  • camstehcamsteh Posts: 140 Incredible

    @phractals you have tried completely restarting marvel heroes to see if it adjusts?

  • JestuhJestuh CEO of GazallionPosts: 662 Amazing

    On PC sometimes zoning would cause things to reset and fix things. SHIELD training room is your friend for many reasons.

  • phractalsphractals Knighted PhiladelphiaPosts: 97 Mighty

    Yes, restarting game fixed issue. Thx @camsteh

    PSN ID: subaru420, really wish I could change it

  • This does indeed just appear to be a display issue, and as mentioned restarting the client should correct the displayed Synergy XP bonus. We've forwarded the issue over to our QA team for further investigation. Thanks for the report!

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