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Marvel Heroes Omega

Thundering Maelstrom

OmegaGeoStormOmegaGeoStorm Posts: 1 New Agent

Just noticed this while playing today but can someone tell me why TM is not an electric power???


  • erollathakingerollathaking getting PancakesPosts: 192 Incredible

    It should be ice, wind, and electric not just ice. Same thing with Storm Surge

  • Damienmc90Damienmc90 Posts: 895 Amazing

    Honestly no idea, I wish it were since its base power is so low it could really use the help but then maybe that is exactly why(to keep its power low)

  • sunnybgsunnybg Posts: 9 New Agent

    Storm needs her powers reviewed. Lightning storm doesn’t stun and gale winds doesn’t push back enemies, etc...

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