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Ranged or melee

MummamooMummamoo Posts: 6 New Agent

Is black panther a ranged character or hand to hand as I’m after some good ranged characters any help would be appreciated


  • SojuFettSojuFett Posts: 16 Mighty

    He’s not great at either, but his ranged build shines well above his melee (this makes me sad, but sounds like what you’re looking for). Once you get leveled up, he can can auto brute using two of his abilities in conjunction. Brace yourself for major spirit issues though.

  • MummamooMummamoo Posts: 6 New Agent

    Thank u so much for that I have most hero’s now just she hulk black panther and a few others I’m on gambit right now and I must say I’m very disappointed on how weak he seems

  • RighteousPancakeRighteousPancake Posts: 128 Incredible

    He's a dumpster fire. Needs either an overhaul or his melee build needs a massive buff to his damage. He's a weenie.

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  • MummamooMummamoo Posts: 6 New Agent

    I just got him and I get on okay with him I think his a lot better then cat woman and gambit

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