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IanVillIanVill Posts: 4 New Agent

So i've played a lot of angela and noticed alot of people ignore her brutal striking capabilities, with her I can clear the event on omega in about 3 minutes wearing my omega set of Armor of Apocalypse, Mark of War, 2 pieces of Oath of the Destroyer, and 1 pieces of Gamora's Garments. Combined with my talent setup and infinity points every hit is usually either a crit or a brutal strike and her signature is hitting for 1.5-2 mil a hit using the mastery of the blades ichor talent. The general idea is build up the crit stacks which isnt hard with her attack speed and then the 3 claps from her signature wipes the bosses health.


  • HolyZeroHolyZero Posts: 262 Amazing

    I have the omega set items I want, but the stats are garbage. So I've been collecting good stat'd items and when we can swap the omega set affix, I'll be set.

    What's your talent setup and infinity points?

  • IanVillIanVill Posts: 4 New Agent

    Relentless, wrath of a goddess, ribbon warrior, whipping ribbon, mastery of the blades of ichor, and I have and I gave 109 infinity points with 50 put into brutal damage and the rest into attack speed.

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