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Luke Cage - Omega Trial (+build)

Fregoli1Fregoli1 parisPosts: 152 Incredible

(as usual) : as i didn't see someone who share about Luke Cage Omega Trial, i do.

the big problem for luke, in my opinion, is the spirit issue : the only 2 powers that don't cost spirit are not so strong and for only one ennemy (when you need AOE powers), and you'll have to be steady while using chain for example, which is a problem n those kind of trial...
so, all the powers you can use costs spirit (not dash, of course). and nothing to gain spirit back (like nightcrawler/war machine/ant man/iron man) with a power. hard for luke...

so, i went first with a gibborim (+200) and a ring of jordan (+250) : not enough.
i took an arc reactor, to gain +491. not enough.
so i took a cargill, to gain +5 when you crit. sometimes not enough (???)
i mod the belt, and took "moon eclipse". which gives defense (+1000, not so bad for a trial) and +10 to a crit (every 2s).
i was lucky, because after crafting, it was +17 :smiley:
AND, the most important : i finally put 150 infinity points in Deep Though (+375). the rest in defense.
with that, i was able to put another ring, and a +2000 defense relic. but keep arc reactor and cargill.
which means : having a good base of spirit (around 900) could be enough but you have to gain spirit by your own during the trial, it's necessary.
at the end, spirit issue solved ;)

for the gear, regular one (midtown or daily buggle). with enough crit (to gain spirit also) and brut.
artefacts : cargill (awesome with this ability to regroup people after the signature, so they took a lots of cars or fists together :smiley: )
arc reactor, for the spirit. and tanya's love letter (for +2 to all attributes and -10% damage taken).
my legendary was poor : a perseus, but with only the level 1 (that's why, as a melee fighter, i had to increase my defense a little).

i had many tries, to find the good balance about stats, solve spirit/dps/defense issues, never raging while out of the trial when i was facing only red skull but no spirit to spend, just runing around waiting it comes back... crazy :neutral:

i don't know if it can help, but here is the vid, with the trial and the build :

43 Heroes in Cosmic, and 43 Heroes in Omega !
MHO looks good again !!!
Psn : fregoli1
question : when do we get more omega heroes, and more costumes for all ???
[excuse my english, but i'm not. and i try to use english langage at my best].



    Awesome job, Crazy gearing for Spirit
    Sad Cage has been left in such a weird state
    Consumes spirit like no other
    high CDs on skillls (12s for Dempsey roll 12s for the talent of Cage was here)
    Hits like a truck when geared on cosmic but really lacks AOE due to spirit issues


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