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Fighting attributes?

masterzahcmasterzahc Askani'sonConcrete JunglePosts: 122 Incredible

I would think Dr strange would be intelligence and energy.... why is he fighting? He has no melee skill. Seems odd?


  • SammyPigSammyPig Posts: 112 Incredible

    Agreed, bought him last night and having fighting as one of his main attributes makes no thematic sense to the character. Still a good stat to have for gameplay though. Better crits

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  • ElecManEXEElecManEXE Posts: 178 Incredible

    I don't know when Dr. Strange was added to the PC version of the game, but if it was at any point even close to when the movie was coming out I'd guess that the Fighting attribute was a tie-in to the fact that a lot of the movie was more martial arts inspired than traditional spell-slinging. Even if Strange's moveset in the game doesn't really reflect that, I think the Fighting attribute may be a small nod to that.

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