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[XBOX] Marvel Heroes Omega 1.06 Patch Notes

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Black Bolt joins the hero roster of Marvel Heroes Omega!

Experiencing terrigenesis before he was born, Blackagar Boltagon was granted frighteningly destructive powers. With a voice strong enough to destroy whole worlds, his parents would isolate and teach him to control his abilities. Finding silent companionship in one of his few visitors, Medusalith Amaquelin, the two’s romance would blossom into marriage.

But when Blackagar used his voice to protect the city, many lives of the Inhumans’ leading council were lost - including his parents. Blackagar reluctantly inherited the mantle of King of the Inhumans with Medusalith at his side. Though he justly serves the people of Attilan through the wise words of his council, he chooses his own words to protect Attilan from those who would put the Inhumans in danger.

Black Bolt is available starting today via the Black Bolt Pack in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace!


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the News panel from displaying properly.
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