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Marvel Heroes Omega
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War Machine is Best Machine.

AsrosAsros GazillionPosts: 133 Staff

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  • MrKnightMrKnight West Coast PSTPosts: 108 Incredible
    edited April 26

    War Machine "Rox".

    After watching you stream as WM on your account, I caved in and bought PS4+ account and the WM back. War Machine was easily in my top3 on PC (Moonie/ Vision/WM).

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  • XHBKXHBK True Believer Angel's AeriePosts: 6 New Agent

    The Warriest Machina

  • AsrosAsros Gazillion Posts: 133 Staff

    The big gun!

    Brian Waggoner - Game/Systems Designer

    Twitter - Asros

  • AmachamortAmachamort QCPosts: 43 Mighty
    edited April 27
  • xtlancerxtlancer Posts: 7 New Agent

    I can't wait for that (IMO) obnoxious Iron Patriot skin lol.

  • MutantPowerManMutantPowerMan Posts: 283 Amazing

    Magneto will dismantle War Machine and use his sprockets to make a Jetsons factory.

  • UnadvisedGoose445UnadvisedGoose445 KansasPosts: 265 Amazing

    Honestly, I only bought his pack because it was the cheapest, as I already had PSplus. And I don't typically care for Deadpool or Spider-Man (don't dislike them, but still). But I have to say, he's extremely fun so far! Really enjoying him.

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  • ExUsArmyRangerExUsArmyRanger Posts: 119 Incredible

    He does have one of the best synergies in the game.

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  • LadecaLadeca X-MansionPosts: 11 Mighty

    I actually enjoy him and find his play style fun now to wait until Spidey gets his Spider-Gwen or spider-girl outfit lol

  • Ccaps512Ccaps512 Posts: 290 Amazing

    Bought the war machine pack today. And now I am a believer. All hail the mighty war machine

  • ChachyChachy Assembled My CouchPosts: 119 Incredible

    @xtlancer said:
    I can't wait for that (IMO) obnoxious Iron Patriot skin lol.

    That will be a day 1 purchase for me

  • BitripBitrip Posts: 112 Incredible

    War Machine was my favorite on PC. It's like he has a permanent ally/summon attached to him.

    The old saying, "Red skies in morning, traveler take warning," doesn't mean much when all of your mornings are red.

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