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How good is colossus aoe?

AgentYetiAgentYeti Posts: 326 Amazing

Looking for a tanky melee character that can do all content relatively painlessly. I mained Hulk on PC for three years but haven't touched the game in months and much as changed. I remember Colossus not being very good but now that I'm making the jump to console with a fresh start and a lot has changed since I last played. Anyways, while I'm sure Colossus can put the hurt down on a single target, how is he at cleaning up 200 or so kills to get those bounty chests?


  • MetaPikaKirbyMetaPikaKirby Waiting for more Colossal UpdatesPosts: 7 New Agent

    It depends highly on gear because his AoE potential is based on how low your Signature Cooldown is. Colossus is one of the characters who can reduce the cooldown on his signature through resource cost reduction affix (aka Spirit Cost Reduction). If you maximize this, he can have a 16 second cooldown; if you choose the Impervious to Harm talent on top of this, you can have a 6 second cooldown. So you have two options:

    1. Choose Impervious to Harm + 16 second Cooldown signature and have his Signature carry your AoE clear. OR
    2. Choose Thundering Voice talent + 16 second Cooldown signature and slot either all AoE or all summon (since Call Kitty and Call Kurt are great AoE).

    The problem is, on console I have yet to see readily available gear that has resource cost reduction (as compared to PC where Magneto Medallion could carry you a long way). Because of this, if Colossus is one of your first characters to level up, you'll likely find his AoE to be really bad cause almost all his good AoE powers are locked behind 40-45 second cooldowns.

    On PC I would highly recommend Colossus because the gear is easy to find. But on Console, I'd recommend waiting until further changes are done to his kit or gear in general. In the feedback thread I've been trying to recommend Gaz change his kit on console so he has a 20-25 second cooldown signature by default (without the cost reduction mechanic) just to make him feel at least better while leveling up and not have his true potential road blocked behind gear that's almost nowhere to be seen.

    Note that these are merely my opinions, but I would say Colossus is at the very least tanky. His AoE is something to be desired initially and I would put him off until you had gear you could dump on him. I haven't played any other characters on console but assuming things carried over from PC: She-Hulk is likely in a good spot, Hulk is also okay (although I have a few gripes about his kit too on PC lol), and I think Captain Marvel might be a good choice (especially since she's hyrbid so it opens up a lot of options). If you're looking for good AoE in general I'd bet Storm and Scarlet Witch are a good go too.

    TL;DR I'd put off Colossus until you had gear to dump on him or wait until he gets changes to his kit. His potential is there but it's locked behind a specific gearing that I don't think is being supported on Console atm.

  • DubTDubT Ice skating uphillPosts: 52 Mighty

    I was going to help answer this question but @MetaPikaKirby had the perfect answer, no need to add anything

  • AgentYetiAgentYeti Posts: 326 Amazing

    Thanks for the info guys! I'll give Colossus a shot after I level a couple characters first.

  • DeksamDeksam Posts: 132 Incredible

    I don't think you have to wait. Steel Hurricane is very strong AOE and you can move while channeling. That is essentially the only AOE you really need early on when coupled with summons. I've taken him through Cosmic on PS4 with the only thing needed to complete it on cosmic were some decent artifacts because I leveled him so quickly I didn't get any decent artifact drops. I crafted some, and cosmic was.. challenging but doable.

    He's a very well balanced character with good AOE. Probably one of the more well balanced classes.

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