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Wolverine Feedback Thread

Hey folks,

This thread is specifically for any Wolverine feedback you may want to share with the developers based on your experience during Closed Beta.

If you’re unsure what type of feedback to offer, here are some questions to think about based on your experience with this hero:

  • Were there any powers that you found yourself preferring over other powers, or any powers that you disliked using? What about those powers did you find yourself liking or disliking compared to other powers?

  • Were there any powers that weren’t clear or didn’t work like you expected after reading the power’s tooltip?

  • Were there any powers that you felt were particularly difficult to use with the gamepad controls?

  • If you have reached a high enough level to unlock Talents for this hero, were there any Talents that you found too powerful, or too weak relative to other Talents in that tier?

  • While leveling and unlocking new powers, were there powers that you felt should have unlocked earlier in level progression? In the earliest levels, did you feel that you were lacking a specific type of power that made leveling that hero less fun (such as not having enough area-of-effect powers to deal with groups, not having enough single target powers to effectively fight more dangerous boss enemies, etc)?

  • How did you feel about the hero’s resource usage? Were you having difficulty maintaining resources, or felt like you always had too much resource and not enough ways to use it?

These are just some ideas to consider - you’re welcome to share any kind of feedback you feel is worth telling us!

Note that if you encountered any outright bugs with this hero, please feel free to report those issues here in the Bug Report forums:

Please put [Wolverine] at the start of your thread subject when reporting bugs for this hero specifically so it is easier for our developers to collect and assess your bug reports more quickly. You can check out our Bug Report Formatting thread for more information on the best way to report any bugs you may encounter during Closed Beta:




  • ChimaChima True Believer Posts: 76 Mighty

    Since X-23 isn't on consoles (yet); now's the chance to copy her toolset to Wolverine, and just make her an enhanced costume for Wolverine.

    tl;dr: I always found X-23 playstyle on PC more fitting for what Wolverine should be.

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 336 Amazing

    wolvie needs better aoe...and if not, his damage needs to be buffed significantly...he pretty much needs to be the undisputed single target killer...he just isn't fun to play with in a mob

  • HydromasterHydromaster Still, Right Behind YouPosts: 299 Amazing

    I'm just glad the added his Classic Brown Avatar to the Marvel Heroes Forum:) On both lol!

  • BurackusBurackus Posts: 6 New Agent

    I feel like he is just lacking, I don't know if he was nerfed or if everyone else was buffed. Think about it he can go toe to toe with the Hulk and they are no where even close in this game. Wolverines claw need to be sharpened. It feels like it takes to long to take enemies down compared to other characters

  • DeksamDeksam Posts: 1,506 Astonishing

    I've started playing through on him again, he'll be my 10th I've leveled since early release and I leveled about 13 characters, mostly different in CBT.

    So lets start with the obvious, he's lacking. Why? Because his mechanic isn't built properly. Especially not in comparison to other characters in this game.

    First, Fury -- it should build constantly, and not be spent like how Hulks Anger is. It really doesn't make much sense for fury to decrease.

    Wolverine should really mirror hulk in that way, that all abilities should be accessible and usable, but because Wolverine has no ranged attacks and doesn't have abnormal healing or defense over characters like Daredevil or Blade, he really needs to be able to access all of his powers up front.

    Auto attacking until you have enough joy to use X ability until you can't any longer is tedious. All abilities should grant fury but only truly do intense damage at high fury levels. This way fury generation talents don't need to go away.. just adjust how fast you build fury at low levels, the longer the fight the more time you'll spend at max fury, and once you hit those talents to generate it faster the sooner you get to do maximum damage.

    Most importantly something needs to be done. Rampage should work like Whiplash for Blade.. Wolverine right now is not a great character and for the cost he should be amazing.

  • WolverinePrimeWolverinePrime GermanyPosts: 5 New Agent


    First i'd like to say that Wolverine is my absolutely Favourite Character in the Marvel Universe since the animated Series 1992. So its clear that i play him in Marvel Heroes Omega as my Mainchar...

    but playing him isn't fun. It makes me very angry how fast his health go down and how helpless he is in most Situations. I try the Super Heroic Trial very very often before i finaly get it. I read nearly every Guide i could find but i still loose in the Cosmic Trial in the first Seconds unless i get far from the Enemies. WHERE IS HIS HEALING FACTOR??? I read that he supposed to be an Tank... very nice Joke! With what Abbilitys? I used a bleeding build and try much Gearvariantes like with Heal on Hit, dodging, deflecting, everything dont help. He takes damage without ending and goes down so fast that i think he is unplayable. And it hurts me to see that other characters, Squirlgirl and Magik from a Friend ist the best example, do the Cosmic Trial without any Problems with the same Gearlevel like my Wolvie.

    I buyed every Founders Pack and spend a Lot of Time in the Game since the Beta but it annoying me so bad that i think about dleleting the Game fro my PS4 and end it...

    Gazillion, when your Wolverine-Player have any worth to you then give Wolvie a Healing Factor thats moderate to him.

  • DietdewDietdew Posts: 123 Incredible

    I will add a far more detailed account of what I think wolverine needs to be fun, but here are my basic opinions.

    1. Many of wolverines powers feel exactly the same, fine you cannot do a lot with clawing, however a few cooldown skills and buffing his movement powers would certainly add a lot. I would rather him have fewer powers that 8 that feel so similar

    2. Do away with fury, the way it charges isn't fun and his powers that spend it feel so weak for the cost. I did 2 moves that felt awesome Ill have to look at the name, but other than that no go.

    3. Give more AoE to movement powers, the move where he claws while moving is awesome. make this a staple, I would like to see fury closer to a storm approach, whilst full go crazy attack speed and crits, but take away fury cost for attacks.

    4. Health regen, Fine wolverine is no tank, but if he takes a hit he should absolutely recover quickly and maybe still dodge well enough to keep it fun.

    5. He doesn't need AoE to be fun, make him a great single target DPS. Give him a damage boost that will keep us feeling like an angry short person. We need more single target dps.

  • RainMantisRainMantis Posts: 5 New Agent

    I just want to mention that the old school arcade cabinet, X-Men: Children of the Atom had Wolverine capable of a series of furious claw slashes that would propagate his slash all the way across the screen's width in a narrow arc. I'd buy something like that for a limited/cone AoE. Also, where's my Berserker Barrage at? That move basically takes care of itself and would transcribe great without changing anything from the Marvel vs. Capcom games. Obviously this would be in a 3-D format and would take on Claw, Movement, etc. labels.

    Also if we can't get a legit healing factor then the Power that increases his DMG and attack speed should also drastically increase his movement speed as well. If he's doomed to stick and move tactics at least make him extremely capable of doing so.

    Lastly I feel like the fact that Wolverine doesn't have a leap attack is a mistake. Of all the Characters available he'd be the first I'd assume to enact a pouncing offensive. Nightcrawler might be the only one that I'd put ahead of him in having a leap tendency. Plus can I just ask, Where's my man Kurt at? I want Nightcrawler in the mix!

  • TheSwoleTheSwole Posts: 2 New Agent
    edited June 7
    • IDK HOW TO TAG THE DEV. TEAM* Where.. the.. hell.. is the TRUE LOGAN HOWLET?! I mean.. come on!! I grew up loving this character and this game is ruining every hack nd slash memory I have of him. Absolutely no healing factor though? Like, not even gunna give him his ACTUAL MUTANT POWER?! next, can we talk about cosmic trial for a second? That damn flamethrower.. really, WOLVERINE CAN'T HEAL FROM A FLAMETHROWER?!?!?!!!!!! The man survives, that's what he does. But you, the dev. Team, have slaughtered what it means to be "the angriest Canadian alive" I mean, at least boost his damage. I feel like even on normal in story mode, I'm just hitting them with PLASTIC AND RUBBER sticks. Not INDESTRUCTIBLE CLAWS!!! ya know, like the ones LOGAN has.. Also, back to his healing factor... so you're telling me he can survive all that in the comics (world ending destruction, hulk fights, getting ripped in half, thermo-nuclear blasts, etc.) But Squirrell girl and Magic and Cyclops can take more damage than him in the trails?? Ketchup!?? Huge slap in the face to TRUE wolverine fans. PLEASE TAG THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM, I'M NEW TO FORUMS
  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 336 Amazing

    wolverine needs a huge revamp...to fix his AOE problems, he needs to have powers that have him dashing from mob to mob doing damage...currently his dash movement attack is single target...he also needs a HUGE damage buff, and his sig needs to be redone to be something where he dashes across the entire screen twice with a huge claw swipe (sort of like Marvel vs Capcom) and damages/kills everything on screen

  • GreatWhiteNorthGreatWhiteNorth Posts: 49 Mighty
    edited June 11

    Wolverine's damage output is extremely low compared to other heroes. He seriously needs his base flat rate damage buffed across all of his attacks. Right now he is horrible and not even worth using, a total joke character.

    Wolverine is not worthy of being a 775 splinter hero.

  • NicodemisFinchNicodemisFinch CSTPosts: 9 Mighty
    edited June 15

    Wolverine super-fan. EDIT: I was a bit hasty in criticizing him. I like him. I think he should be more tanky and do more damage, but I need to get him to 60 before I pass judgment. Bloody Claws make a big difference. Bloody Sweep makes a big difference. Problem: I feel compelled to slot any gear that increases durability. I must do that at the expense of damage.

  • EmperorBooshEmperorBoosh Posts: 7 New Agent

    My biggest concern is really the resource. I agree fury would work better as constantly rising like hulk. AOE wise: bloody sweep and crimson leap help but depending on the mob you can get stomped pretty easily. Daredevil and blade superhero trials were a breeze compared to the head on the wall smashing of Wolvie. A little more survivablity would make a positive difference.

  • LuqidLuqid Posts: 181 Incredible

    hi guys -

    wolverines signature ability - kind of confusing to use.
    it is up almost all of the time, which is convenient - but the 3 stack it says is there - is this supposed to be refreshed during the count down (ie: clicked again before it counts down the next charge)? i'm not really sure what it is that it's doing either. it also feels very underwhelming compared to the other characters i've reached 60 with.

    his crowd dmg (movement ability) is also underwhelming damage-wise. i found it absolutely necessary to use the talent altering this to make wolverine immune to incoming damage/stuns/etc.
    this could likely be changed to something as:
    when compared with daredevil and angela - i feel as though he should be someplace between those with his movement.
    daredevil's ping-pong aoe which ends proc-ing the most elite kick in the marvel universe is something i personally would like to see for wolverine.

    trials wasn't nearly as hard on super heroic for any other character than wolverine.
    his damage numbers seem really decent when having to go toe-2-toe in any fight/encounter but when it's a massive mob of elites it gets really hairy like wolvie's arms.

    hit me back with questions - i want to help make wolverine great again

  • NicodemisFinchNicodemisFinch CSTPosts: 9 Mighty

    Okay...I got him to 60 and I have nearly all cosmic gear (no legendary). First of all, he's a tank. I only choose gear that has fighting or durability. I definitely don't need all durability. I use Inexorable Rampage for 4 second invulnerability and total freedom of movement and damage every 12 seconds or whenever I need a breather to heal. IMO must have talents: bloody claws; inexorable rampage; and feral surge. I agree with Luqid. The ultimate is lame. It should auto-hit something for big damage. But, my regular rotation of Feral Roar + Bloody Swipe (Traits: Don't Get Too Close + Swath of Destruction) + Tornado Claw does big crowd damage and leaves them bleeding. Also: I think Furious Assault (3 stacks) + Run Through (35% Critical (3 stacks) and 100% Brutal) does more damage than Daredevil's Nunchuck Beatdown (5 stacks)+Finisher+Tornado Kick. In any event it hits plenty hard (I've seen red numbers close to 500K and I'm only at 19 infinity).

  • LuqidLuqid Posts: 181 Incredible

    @NicodemisFinch - i'll have to check this skills out later, i've tried combining all types of them prior to what got me through the super heroic - i am in fear of the cosmic trial.

    i'm getting a kick out of playing wolverine for masochistic purposes i suppose.

    i found out with his signature move - it can be used 3 times while it's cooling with the sweeping time motion on the macro - and as long as there is a charge it can be used - i dont get the purpose of this - especially only 3 - when no other signature i've seen yet mechanizes this way.

    but as someone else mentioned in another above post - all the moves are nearly identical in nature as animation.

    omg - and his ultimate! wtfc -

    i have this fantasy - and i can picture it happening in the comic book - a giant mob of sentinels or the new mutants - wolvering lunges in - full furry - pouncing on thier chest and landing a series of brutal rage blows with his claws then launching to the next victim - (i imagine the daredevil or angela move)

    i'm going to go cry now.

  • LethlenLethlen Posts: 10 Mighty

    Sometimes when I get on his motorcycle it won't allow me to turn. I have to get off and get back on to correct that. He wasn't fun to play even for a big fan like myself until lvl 30s. I want all his costumes but will not buy any of them until there is a sale on Gs or the cost of each costume is reduced by half. The costumes cost way too much, about as much as a brand new character.

  • VerifiedPunisherVerifiedPunisher Posts: 137 Incredible

    @Lethlen said:
    Sometimes when I get on his motorcycle it won't allow me to turn. I have to get off and get back on to correct that. He wasn't fun to play even for a big fan like myself until lvl 30s. I want all his costumes but will not buy any of them until there is a sale on Gs or the cost of each costume is reduced by half. The costumes cost way too much, about as much as a brand new character.

    The movement thing is a problem for everybody

  • NicodemisFinchNicodemisFinch CSTPosts: 9 Mighty

    Okay. Here's some valuable feedback Devs. ;). First, more wolverine powers need bleed. I count only two bleed powers with bleed listed in the power type. IF you use the Bloody Claws trait (one) and Crimson Leap (two). Unless grievous wounds counts as a bleed (it should). Bloody Sweep should definitely be a bleed power. Wolverine should have a bleed build (PS4). This lack of bleed makes Red Muramasa Blade a stupid choice for a legendary for Wolverine. It should be an excellent choice because it's freakin' cool.

    Seconds, I abhor the ability that causes a knock back when Wolverine uses his signature for obvious reasons (hello, three stacks). There are several cosmics I auto sell/delete because of that annoying cosmic ability.

    Cybernetic Implant. Is it supposed to give a 1500 damage rating to Energy powers? Looks like PC Wolverine players are enjoying just 1500 damage rating.

  • henplophenplop Posts: 17 Mighty

    Love wolverine and he’s what got me into Marvel, so please excuse the length of post. But he needs some serious quality of life improvements. This is an extension on the post by @Dietdew from above, which I heavily agree with.

    1) Fury as a mechanic. It makes no sense that furiously attacking someone depletes your rage. It's really not fun, and more importantly, creates situations where you can't use an attack when you need to. Even combo point based characters can at least use their moves whenever they need to. An earlier suggestion that it could be treated like Hulk’s Anger makes a lot of sense thematically. It would require a rework of his “Can’t Keep Me Down” talent, but would make Logan a heckuva lot more fun and less micromanagey. You could balance the “deplete Fury for more damage” mechanic with one that increases damage as his fury increases. It wouldn’t be so bad if his AoE moves were free, but they’re not, which brings me to my next point.

    2) Area of Effect/Crowd Control. Wolverine has one of the worst AoE/CC games. This is made worse by the lack of Teamups; at least on PC, there were Teamups to taunt/distract enemies. But on console, Wolvie is by himself. His AoE moves are tied to a non-replenishing resource that only goes up if you are hitting someone (leading to issues with my next point, survivability), and all have very short radius/range. This is combined with the fact that Logan has some pitiful crowd control. He literally has 2 moves with any CC- Feral Roar, an AoE Terrify and Weaken that is on a 10 second cooldown, and Tornado Claw, a super short range point blank AoE on a 6 second cooldown. That’s it. Thematically, at least give his Crimson Leap (or his bleeds in general) a movement/attack speed slow so that Wolverine isn’t melted when he tries to strategically jump into battle. You can justify it by saying that Wolverine is hamstringing and crippling his foes. AoE and CC are absolutely essential to survive in any cosmic content, which is my next point.

    3) Survivability. Logan needs buffs. His cosmic survivability is 3 things- Medkit invisibility (which every character needs), Inexorable Rampage (which does pitiful damage and has short range), and Can’t Keep Me Down (which depletes his Fury instantly so I have to burn my CC [Feral Roar], or stand still and basic attack until I refill my annoying resource [see point 1]). Let’s be honest, regeneration of 210 hp/sec (even when boosted to triple rate at 1/3 health) is completely useless in Cosmic. Every boss attack takes 50-100% of your HP. You’re not regenerating that before they hit you again, especially when there’s trash mobs belting you while you have no effective AoE or CC to deal with them. Logan needs increases in regeneration rate or damage reduction. For regeneration, maybe “heal X% of damage taken from Boss sources” would help up his survivability while remaining canon.

    4) Damage. This is intimately tied with his survivability. If you go damage, Logan is tissue paper. If you go tanky, he goes from “death by a thousand cuts” to “death by a million papercuts”. You can’t put a glass cannon with no mitigation/AoE/CC in a game where every fight is against multiple opponents and expect him to do well if he doesn’t also have extreme damage. So, either the first 3 points need massive buffs, or his damage needs massive buffs if you wanted him to be a single-target killer. Note, I could argue that he needs a damage buff regardless of what you do with the rest of the points, but for balance sake… just help him out SOMEWHERE

    -Other quality of life improvements- I’ll add as I continue to play him.
    -Bloody Sweep needs a bleed tag. If you are you going to pigeonhole him into hit and run bleed tactics, then give him more bleed
    -Visually unimpressive. Minor, but he has very little visual impact during any battle.
    -Signature needs rework. Having it on 5 second cooldown is nice, until you realize all the Signature procs on items have a cooldown, so you’re left having a subpar signature that procs your items when you don’t want them to. Also, why is Beast’s signature more Wolverine than Wolverine’s signature? Beast’s signature has everything Logan is lacking- AoE, survivability, and hard CC attached to it. Imagine if instead of Beast jumping around, it was Logan running between enemies and stabbing in bloodrage?

  • GreatWhiteNorthGreatWhiteNorth Posts: 49 Mighty

    Any reason why Wolverine is struggling to hit 750,000 damage during his signature and why Blade in comparison is easily cracking 7,000,000?

    I have Blade and Wolverine at 60 cosmic with similar gear and the same infinity points spent in the same areas and Wolverine is just super weak in comparison to Blade, and lets be honest... pretty much everyone else. Wolverine needs a serious damage increase or Blade needs to be toned way down.

  • SetfreexXSetfreexX XBOX1Posts: 161 Incredible
    edited July 27

    I agree with the main sentiments here, in Cosmic trials Wolverine has either lasted long enough for the timer to expire, and the boss / 2-3 mechs are still left. Or he's too squishy to the point where I can't do what needs to be done since ALL of his attacks are single target/small group based (2-5 targets).

    IMO his ''Fury'' should be treated like ''Anger'' on Hulk, or Scarlet Witches ''Chaos'' let the attacks I do build up the meter, then let my catalyst, artifacts, etc. supply a buff to the ''Fury'' meter so it lasts longer once it's full so that the additional damage out puts can stay higher (think a talent like SW that gives +500 Chaos)

    Wolverine should not feel so slow to attack, I imagine him as a harbinger of rage and chaos on the battlefield, and right now it's just really lacking any impact when playing with him. I mean the man has adamantium claws and we have to ''unlock'' bleed effects <--- This should a staple of his game play, and become even more so through the talent system.

    Each and every attack of his should trigger different levels of bleed effects. Since his AOE/CC is so constricted he should have a move or two that ''cripples'' the enemy for 2s - 3s. His healing factory is one of the MAIN aspects of him as a character and this is not really felt at all, Wolverine should play/feel darn near indestructible. As is he feels just like any other hero in the melee build as far as survivability is concerned. His regeneration should at minimum be 500 p/s. And his skill to regen should be removed it should be built in as a talent, and it shouldn' t deplete his fury. It's his mutant ability, also IMO as his health depletes he should do more damage as that is a sense of his Fury raising increasing his damage output.

    Wolverine is and always has been a favorite of mine, but as it stands he's not worth the 750 ES I saved up, and he's definitely not worth $15 - 20 to purchase with G.

    Like a guy said, if you're making characters like Blade as strong as he is, Wolverine should definitely without question be in the same class, or beyond since he basically aside from decapitation can't die, especially when considering the cost.

    He's such a cool character, and there's so much room to make him really fun to play with but right now, it's more efficient to use a character I have no real love for, or investment in as a fan (Scarlet WItch).

    XBL GT - Setfree xX (Add Me For Farming Runs - Starting to Figure it Out Status)

    Spiderman (60 Cosmic - 2 MPC ) <--- Main
    Hulk - (60 Cosmic - 1 MPC)
    Wolverine - (60 Cosmic - 1 MPC)
    Nightcrawler - (60 Cosmic)
    Scarlet Witch - (60 Cosmic)
    Iron Man - (60 Cosmic)
    Ghost Rider - (60 Cosmic)
    Gambit - (60 Cosmic)
    Ice Man - (60 Cosmic)
    Dare Devil - (60 Cosmic)
    Black Panther - (60 Cosmic)
    Elektra - (60 Cosmic)
    Venom - TBD

    *MPC - Million Plus Club

  • LethlenLethlen Posts: 10 Mighty
    edited August 2

    I spent a lot of time on Wolverine trying to make him stronger. My idea was to load him with Brutal Strike damage on his cosmic gear and that legendary item. After some tests it really didn't seem to be making my guaranteed brutal strike powers do more damage so I unequiped a few gear slots that added a significant bonus and guess what? Nothing...damage was the same at 600,000-700,000 damage. I did the same thing to Blade's gear against the same targets and his signature did 3,000,000 just on the last blow. That doesn't make any sense. Is brutal strike capped on just Wolverine or is this not supposed to happen? Btw, I freaking love this game despite this Wolverine issue. Please add Cable and Bishop on console thanks. Sorry if this post didn't end up in the correct ps4 forums.

  • SkelkorSkelkor Posts: 21 Mighty
    edited August 4

    I've gotten Wolverine to 60 and played him for a bit, so here's my feedback.

    I really like dot based/Damage over time characters, and Wolverine definitely needs more Bleeds on his powers.

    I'd be happy with Bleeds being standard on all his powers regardless of the talents taken.

    Wolverine definitely needs his damage reworked. I'd be happy with him being retooled to being a single target DPS "boss killer". He has some abilities that guarantee you auto Brut Damage, but you can't survive long enough to really execute that strategy in general.

    I love the character Wolverine and I enjoy playing him, but he definitely needs help in this game.

  • BAN1SH3DB3ASTBAN1SH3DB3AST Posts: 25 Mighty

    @Skelkor said:
    I've gotten Wolverine to 60 and played him for a bit, so here's my feedback.

    I really like dot based/Damage over time characters, and Wolverine definitely needs more Bleeds on his powers.

    I'd be happy with Bleeds being standard on all his powers regardless of the talents taken.

    Wolverine definitely needs his damage reworked. I'd be happy with him being retooled to being a single target DPS "boss killer". He has some abilities that guarantee you auto Brut Damage, but you can't survive long enough to really execute that strategy in general.

    I love the character Wolverine and I enjoy playing him, but he definitely needs help in this game.

    Couldn't have said it better myself bub.


  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 336 Amazing

    wolvie needs to be pretty much unkillable, and a single target killer...

    also to help with mobs, he needs something worked into a talent where he can instantly kill ppl

  • RawThunderHustleRawThunderHustle Posts: 45 Mighty
    edited August 7

    Wolverine's synergy on console is just about useless to most heroes other than Black Cat or Squirrel Girl. Why wasn't the original kept from PC?

  • BAN1SH3DB3ASTBAN1SH3DB3AST Posts: 25 Mighty
    edited August 7

    @RawThunderHustle said:
    Wolverine's synergy on console is just about useless to most heroes other than Black Cat or Squirrel Girl. Why wasn't the original kept from PC?

    They will be adding more and more heroes as time goes on, so his synergy will probably become more viable as more characters who use claw powers are added. As for his PC synergy I cant say.


  • kenshyn2k10kenshyn2k10 TexasPosts: 309 Amazing

    It is almost like someone hated wolverine designed this, the fury mechanic is the worse since leveling Cap with serum and spirit and i thought nothing could be worse. After playing beast and other x-men hell kitty puts him to shame wolverine feels so lame in almost every way. How in this world he can't have one single cool looking ability or a range skill add colossus for a fast ball or something like that ugh....

    Not on Your life.......
    Kenshyn AKA Bishop AKA 2AG (The Original Old A$$ Gamer)

    I like big A$$ numbers and I can not lie
    You other brothers can't deny
    When you see those big A$$ numbers it puts a smile on your face.......


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