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Power Request that was in the past

comicbookgeek441comicbookgeek441 Posts: 23 Mighty

Basically i would like to request a faster fury building power like there was before a fast slashing attack that built up fury faster than the regular slashes it was like that before when the game came out on pc it was more convenient to use it that way other characters have similar powers one which is spidermans web bullets there is regular and there is a barrage but it costs fury can't we get that similar power back with fury building up ability? Does anyone agree there needs to be something like that as power ?


  • Matt34leo2Matt34leo2 Posts: 1,433 Astonishing

    I enjoy this character and I realize he is rather limited in abilities, but I just found him really boring to use. To be fair, I only played him to level 25. I realize there are only so many variations of a claw swipe one can come up with, but I just found his moves redundant and snooze worthy. Then again, I found him to be the same way in most other games he is in.

  • DeksamDeksam Posts: 1,837 Astonishing

    Wolverine needs a forward slash ability that generates fury or doesn't use fury akin to Blades Whiplash ability. Wolverine certainly needs increased fury generation 10 fold, and could use an AOE and DoT bleeding boost early on. He's supremely underpowered.

  • beefywolfbeefywolf Posts: 7 New Agent

    He had no defense at all his skills should bleed without a talent to make them

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