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She-Hulk Feedback Thread

Hey folks,

This thread is specifically for any She-Hulk feedback you may want to share with the developers based on your experience during Closed Beta.

If you’re unsure what type of feedback to offer, here are some questions to think about based on your experience with this hero:

  • Were there any powers that you found yourself preferring over other powers, or any powers that you disliked using? What about those powers did you find yourself liking or disliking compared to other powers?

  • Were there any powers that weren’t clear or didn’t work like you expected after reading the power’s tooltip?

  • Were there any powers that you felt were particularly difficult to use with the gamepad controls?

  • If you have reached a high enough level to unlock Talents for this hero, were there any Talents that you found too powerful, or too weak relative to other Talents in that tier?

  • While leveling and unlocking new powers, were there powers that you felt should have unlocked earlier in level progression? In the earliest levels, did you feel that you were lacking a specific type of power that made leveling that hero less fun (such as not having enough area-of-effect powers to deal with groups, not having enough single target powers to effectively fight more dangerous boss enemies, etc)?

  • How did you feel about the hero’s resource usage? Were you having difficulty maintaining resources, or felt like you always had too much resource and not enough ways to use it?

These are just some ideas to consider - you’re welcome to share any kind of feedback you feel is worth telling us!

Note that if you encountered any outright bugs with this hero, please feel free to report those issues here in the Bug Report forums:

Please put [She-Hulk] at the start of your thread subject when reporting bugs for this hero specifically so it is easier for our developers to collect and assess your bug reports more quickly. You can check out our Bug Report Formatting thread for more information on the best way to report any bugs you may encounter during Closed Beta:



  • CodexMedicCodexMedic Posts: 1,254 Astonishing

    I'm loving She Hulk in a big way but her need for a good opener made me so excited to unlock Opening Statement but it's so difficult/inconsistent to aim/hit with that I replaced it as soon as I could. The AoE effect and the free combo points is awesome but it really needs to be aimable. If I lock on a target it needs to go there, instead it seems like my marked targets are the only place it does go.

    Speak like a lady and fight like a savage. (Literal type not Randy)

  • DiferroBigaDiferroBiga Doom's Bouncy CastlePosts: 10 Mighty

    @CodexMedic said:
    I'm loving She Hulk in a big way but her need for a good opener made me so excited to unlock Opening Statement but it's so difficult/inconsistent to aim/hit with that I replaced it as soon as I could. The AoE effect and the free combo points is awesome but it really needs to be aimable. If I lock on a target it needs to go there, instead it seems like my marked targets are the only place it does go.

    Agreeing with this completely. Opening statement seems somewhat random as far as distance goes and it seems to almost always go too far whether I am target locked or not. It feels absolutely awful to use.

    In general, leaping attacks need to go far enough to hit your target and do so consistently.

  • MidnightRyderMidnightRyder Guardian Flipadelphia Posts: 246 Amazing

    Yes, have to agree even when I target lock Opening Statement is very inconsistent and hard to control.

  • CountAugusCountAugus Posts: 1 New Agent

    Opening statement really is a pretty good move if it wasn't for that weird thing where she hops way over her intended target cause you were next to them. Works fine if you have distance on the lock on target but upclose, its just really clunky. Magik has the same problem with her teleport debuff move, good at a distance but funky up close to enemies. Probably has to do with the fact that on PC they would land or leap where your mouse was pointed at or something.

  • DeksamDeksam Posts: 1,014 Astonishing

    I personally don't want any changed to opening statement. She leaps the same distance no matter what the target lock is like, and if it was affixed to a particular target, then it couldn't be used as effectively as a movement power.

    See, opening statement is a good ability to hop into and out of mobs without utilizing your dash. It also allows you to vault over terrain. This is a fantastic ability and makes her more versatile in both getting around and fighting enemies.

    Personally I believe everyone needs an ability like opening statement. It feels great using a controller, and makes this one of the most fun characters to play due to the extreme mobility and high damage.

    I was able to complete the cosmic trial, and continue to find She Hulk one of the most fun and more balanced of any characters out for PS4 yet, and I've effectively played them all.

  • SlashZakuSlashZaku Posts: 15 Mighty

    Tried messing around with Hostile Witness again to help push me through the SH trial and was this ability neutered? Remember using it in closed beta to cheese Cosmic stuff and bosses by turning some of the enemies against the boss and watching them nuke the health. Just tried turning one of the last Elites alive onto my side to help with Mandarin but he completely ignored the boss.

  • numtininumtini Posts: 48 Mighty

    Opening statement is a big problem. It needs to work like final verdict and go for a target if you have one selected. You could still use it for all the travel /leap functions by simply not selecting a target.

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 152 Incredible

    please allow opening statement to travel to target...it isn't a good ability at all to use on console

  • Travar1410Travar1410 Posts: 5 New Agent

    As Deksam said, please dont change this move. It fits perfect in her move list. It doesnt need to directly target a mob. its used as a move to hop you into a fight, and snag you combo points if a mob is around... if not, use it to hop over obstacle... i dont agree that everyone should have this ability because....she cant fly like others can. she neeeds a move like this just to keep her up to speed with other characters who can move freely. her main move to get you combo points is her foot stop. so you dont need this move to direct target anyone.

    She-Hulk is the strongest character overall in my opinion.. Scarlet witch is a non-boss clearing maciac, but she-hulk can clear bosses as well as everything else, no problem. she is a tank, and i hit in the millions with her elbow drop at max combo points, about every 5 seconds. her dps is off the charts.

  • Travar1410Travar1410 Posts: 5 New Agent

    notice no one that says bad about opening statement has a good reason to say to change it. its a beautiful move at a set distance... know the distance is what i would say. i have prestiged her to max, have a max legendary item on her. her move set feels complete to me, out of all of them. i have lots of she-hulk experience under my belt. opening statement to me, is awesome, and a main part of my arsenal. its there to pop you into a mass of mobs, AoE them all, and get you double combo points if you at empty at the time, hence its name. it doesnt need direct attack beacuse its AoE also..

  • AManHasNoNameAManHasNoName Posts: 360 Amazing

    I reallllly wanted to like her but her flip mechanics annoyed me far too much. She lands half of them, the rest she hops over everyone's head. I understand that some like this for hopping in and out of mobs, but when I am one on one with a boss and I am bouncing around all over the place just trying to hit the guy, that is not fun at all.

    Her "confuse" seemed like it wasn't working right either. A lot of the time the person I confused would walk away or stand there instead of hopping into the fight.

    Her damage was great, I can see why some love her, but outside of the numbers she didn't FEEL "Hulky". I understand you wanted to vary her from The Hulk, which is good, but at least he feels like "Hulk smash". The flips made her feel more like how Black Widow would function.

    Everyone has their own style of play, but for me I would refund her if I could. Maybe if the flips were fixed, I would try her again. Sorry for being harsh but I hope this helps.

  • Travar1410Travar1410 Posts: 5 New Agent

    man i wish i could show you how i play her.. shes nothing like you guys are suggesting. i believe your just not using her like shes meant for. shes better than hulk, she smashes better than anyone in the game. i dont understand you guys, im sorry. i play on ps4, my handle name there is Travar1410, the same as here. hit me up in the game and id be glad to show anyone that i can show what i say. i can hit for around, on AVERAGE, 750k, and tank at the same time. brutals go upwards of 1.6m. please, hit me up in game! be glad to group with anyone.

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