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Marvel Heroes Omega
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Like whoa....

kenshyn2k10kenshyn2k10 TexasPosts: 28 Mighty

So finally decided to unlock the big C and just whoa he is a runaway train. Very nice surprise already completed Heroic and Super Heroic trials at 13 lol. I think it was the fastest I have ever completed the trials like damn..... I have a feeling he is gonna be 60 tonight...


  • BertholdtHooverBertholdtHoover Posts: 610 Amazing

    That's great, have fun with him, very fun character for me too :]

    The power of the cosmic cube protects me!

  • Ccaps512Ccaps512 Posts: 243 Amazing

    I just unlocked him myself and I've made it to level 21. I think he's gonna become one of my mains :)

  • RidethelightninRidethelightnin Posts: 251 Amazing
    edited August 14

    Great character. Neptunes trident or shield perseus for legendary. Once you work on damage and his tankiness he is awesome. Summoners provide awesome buffs and help you kick butt. Wait til you get the ultimate its awesome. Invincibility plus all brutal hits.

  • kenshyn2k10kenshyn2k10 TexasPosts: 28 Mighty
    edited August 14

    Got the cosmic done he was fun had to retool a bit used the spinning top move as my main spender so never did really stand toe to toe in the trials kind of fun to spin around the mobs tossing my summons out. He was for sure fun to get done next up Punisher and all toons 60 except gd Iron fist I purchased everything guess to late /cry ....

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