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Marvel Heroes Omega

[PS4] Marvel Heroes Omega 1.10 Patch Notes


The Mighty Women Loot Box has arrived with a host of new costumes for some of the most powerful women in Marvel!

New costumes available in the Mighty Women Loot Box:

  • Black Widow - Marvel's The Avengers
  • Kitty Pryde - Age of Apocalypse
  • Captain Marvel - Classic
  • Scarlet Witch - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Jean Grey - X-Men 90's
  • Storm - Astonishing X-Men
  • Jean Grey - Dark Phoenix
  • Black Cat - Pop Star
  • Thor Jane Foster - Thor (Enhanced)
  • Captain America - American Dream (Enhanced)

The Mighty Women Loot Box has replaced Spider-Man Loot Box in the in-game store. However, players may still acquire the Spider-Man Loot Box contents with Marvelous Essence from Moondragon until the next major patch later this month.

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