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Psylocke Feedback Thread

Hey folks,

This thread is specifically for any Psylocke feedback you may want to share with the developers based on your experience during Closed Beta.

If you’re unsure what type of feedback to offer, here are some questions to think about based on your experience with this hero:

  • Were there any powers that you found yourself preferring over other powers, or any powers that you disliked using? What about those powers did you find yourself liking or disliking compared to other powers?

  • Were there any powers that weren’t clear or didn’t work like you expected after reading the power’s tooltip?

  • Were there any powers that you felt were particularly difficult to use with the gamepad controls?

  • If you have reached a high enough level to unlock Talents for this hero, were there any Talents that you found too powerful, or too weak relative to other Talents in that tier?

  • While leveling and unlocking new powers, were there powers that you felt should have unlocked earlier in level progression? In the earliest levels, did you feel that you were lacking a specific type of power that made leveling that hero less fun (such as not having enough area-of-effect powers to deal with groups, not having enough single target powers to effectively fight more dangerous boss enemies, etc)?

  • How did you feel about the hero’s resource usage? Were you having difficulty maintaining resources, or felt like you always had too much resource and not enough ways to use it?

These are just some ideas to consider - you’re welcome to share any kind of feedback you feel is worth telling us!

Note that if you encountered any outright bugs with this hero, please feel free to report those issues here in the Bug Report forums:

Please put [Psylocke] at the start of your thread subject when reporting bugs for this hero specifically so it is easier for our developers to collect and assess your bug reports more quickly. You can check out our Bug Report Formatting thread for more information on the best way to report any bugs you may encounter during Closed Beta:



  • masterzahcmasterzahc Askani'son Concrete JunglePosts: 99 Mighty
    edited April 28

    her psionic barrier isn't showing? Will that be included?

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 307 Amazing

    she needs too many conditions in order to do decent damage...and there just sint enough controller space to have fun or varied loadouts...plz simplify...it is just too messy...I may want to play an all melee psylocke, but to do good damage, I NEED one or two ranged powers, AND I also need a power to turn me invisible, but it doesn't do damage...it just isn't fun...which is a shame because she herself is a great character with great animations

    she also NEEDS a melee sig...I propose a psionic crashdown...she leaps high in the air, floats for a split scond as she pulls out 2 psionic blades...then crashes down on the target (which causes psionic energy to be expelled)

  • CaelsCaels Posts: 3 New Agent

    I really love Psylocke she as a really good gameplay . But for the moment a little to bugy. It's actually sad the Psy Barrier are no visuel effect. A little more power be cool too for a mutant who are a Omega-class. Normally she can have power physique equal a Rogue and actually not really. ( Sorry for my bad english )

  • masterzahcmasterzahc Askani'son Concrete JunglePosts: 99 Mighty

    Yea, I wish there was a visual for her barrier!

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 307 Amazing

    plz give her a melee sig...i REALLY want this...it has been asked for since she came out on PC

  • WayneRuinieWayneRuinie Los AngelesPosts: 20 Mighty
    edited June 23

    Deleted: I figured most of this stuff out I was asking about

  • JackBurtonExpressJackBurtonExpress Assembled Posts: 218 Amazing
    edited May 25

    I used to have Psylocke as one of my main heroes on the PC for the first year she was out. Even had her ultimate to 20. I say that in past tense for the same reasons as I'm about to give for my feedback.

    Psylocke is one of the few heroes that has not gotten substantial rework despite needing it badly, even in the updates that made this console version. The game has passed her by, making her one of the most difficult heroes to be effective with.

    1) Butterflies is easily the weakest signature in the game. You can't even aim it, so sometimes it will not even hit your desired target. Even if it does, it's area affect is way too small. It's essentially a concentrated burst of Psi Crush with a chance at health regen.

    Psylocke's signature needed to get the same treatment other heroes got like Nightcrawler, Luke Cage, and Squirrel Girl. Move Butterflies to be a normal cool down power. Either create a new signature or let it be a scaled down version of her current ultimate. If a scaled down version, then give her a new ultimate. This will go a long way to helping her AoE issues because it gives her a true clearing signature and Butterflies as a normal power.

    2) as another poster mentioned, she needs way too many powers working together to even be effective. You can't really go all stealth or all range as a result. To make matters worse for stealth, Butterfiles being a continuous barrage will keep you from stealthing for its duration. You really need to be using all her DoT regardless of build, which means mixing sword and range, and it seems she's best using her vulnerability power.

    The real issue is her damage across the board is still on the low end.

    3). Psionic Barrier continues to be ineffective. It's gone instantly in higher level content. During combat, the bar is almost always empty, between taking hits and using powers.

    I don't entirely understand this as a concept for her. It implies a more tank concept which is not remotely her play style. I guess at times it's better than nothing but it might need to be rethought.

    TLDR - Psylocke still has the same issues she's had for years because she needs the same kind of upgrade other early heroes got to keep up with the state of the game. As it stands, a die hard Psylocke fan might stick with her, but for anyone else, she will feel like way too much work to get the same results another hero will give you in a few seconds.

  • JackBurtonExpressJackBurtonExpress Assembled Posts: 218 Amazing
    edited May 24

    @WayneRuinie said:
    I've only gotten her up to level 25, but a few things I think she needs:

    -I think her projection is bugged? Is it supposed to attack? There's damage ratings in the description but it just stands there

    I'm at level 39 I think. Her projections work fine for me. In fact I'd actually like to see a talent that turns them off and just increases her on demand stealth duration. They basically leave a bread crumb trail to lead a boss like Loki or Doom right to you lol

  • JackBurtonExpressJackBurtonExpress Assembled Posts: 218 Amazing
    edited May 25

    I got her up to 58 and passed the Superheroic trial. Just wanted to add some updated impressions:

    Butterflies seems to have a pretty small casting radius. By that I mean, if you aren't close enough to a target, the Butterfiles will just fly straight up in the air. Between this and the fact you have to position yourself well for them to hit the desired target, Psylocke has to be very exposed to use this power. It's a cool power just not a good signature.

    I've actually liked her ranged powers this time. I think her powers overall would be fine given a true AoE clearing signature. Without that, they are just forced to take on too much of the AoE clearing burden. Again keep butterflies as a normal power, and give her a new AoE signature.

  • ScoundrellaScoundrella Posts: 22 Mighty

    I think an amazing Sig for her would be like a mass aoe assassinate. She would rapidly teleport around to different targets in the area and do massive damage to each, becoming stealthed for the duration or something. Similar to abilities in other games. I think an ultimate in dota2 does ot, as well as other games. I think the monk in d3 had an ability like that?

    Either that or buff the butterflies. I think the assassinate thing would be cool though. Obviously would take work so I don't expect it. Butterflies just aren't good right now for reasons mentioned

  • uriliterituriliterit Posts: 6 New Agent

    Psylocke's lvl 50 talent Psi-katana states that all katana powers will now deal mental damage, afaik mental dmg was taken out of the game? is the dmg changed to psychic instead and just says mental?

    semi related: noticed there is no psychic dmg legendary what would be her legendary of choice if you're not going full sword build?

  • MrJRBMrJRB Posts: 20 Mighty

    On PC I went Warlock's eye, but I don't know if it'd work for her now because the legendary states Magic damage:(

    Also, is anyone else having problems with the dash NOT giving steal. If you touch absolutely ANYTHING it breaks. And it's been breaking without warning/ending far too fast for me to even use it. I've also been quite irritated by the fact that I've noticed occasionally I'll just start taking damage when there are no enemies around, Ketchup!?!? It only happens to me with Psylocke and Colossus, so I wonder if it has to do with their innate shield/barrier/armors?

  • mikenickmikenick Posts: 9 New Agent

    Psylocke is a great character but I have never seen this many buggs before.
    1. Her psionic decoys don't shadow dash with her, they just run in place.
    2. Every single time I use falling lotus strike the enemy teleports back and I miss, I literally have to back them into a corner in order for me to hit them at all.
    3. Her signature is just so bad, I'm full cosmic gear and it hits for 8k.....

  • Punk870Punk870 Posts: 16 Mighty

    The warlocks eye, on PC it's for psylocke, on console it says energy damage. Is this for psylocke? She's mental I thought, or psychic... I got the stealth legendary. But I'm not sold on it. Any suggestions?

  • WayneRuinieWayneRuinie Los AngelesPosts: 20 Mighty

    If mobs are "teleporting away" when you do falling lotus strike, it's because you have the cosmic affix on one of your items that knocks mobs back with movement skills. It's stupid it should only apply to dashing, but it applies to everything 'movement' so I don't use that gear on her.

  • WayneRuinieWayneRuinie Los AngelesPosts: 20 Mighty


    Why don't these skills have the "SWORD" skill tag?

    -Falling Lotus Strike
    -Tsunami Slash
    -Kirisute Gomen
    -Katana Typhoon

    They're clearly sword moves but none of them have the tag. "Assassinate" has the sword tag funnily enough, and I don't think she even uses a sword for that. She gets sword damage on gear but none of the skills have the proper labeling.

  • AlakdilionAlakdilion U.S.A.Posts: 36 Mighty
    edited June 27

    I think Psylocke is an incredibly fun character to use. She folds a little too easily which made the Heroic and Super Heroic trials a bit difficult. Only after you start to max out her psionic projection abilities does she start having improved survivability (beat Cosmic Trial on the 2nd try). I also like how her weaken/vulnerable afflictions help with boss fights when you're grouped up with other players. She's easy to play as a hybrid which is great to adapting to different boss mechanics.

    Some improvements that I think need to be made is that her psionic barrier could use a bit of a buff. On cosmic difficulty, regular mobs can deplete the whole thing in just a few hits. Also, her projections don't dash with you like they're supposed to. Falling Lotus Strike will hit an enemy twice, then Psylocke will fly off in the opposite direction unless if you lock onto a specific target. This can be rectified by pushing the left thumbstick in the direction of the mob (assuming you're not locked on) and she'll leap in the direction your stick is pushed. However, it's still kind of annoying that she won't auto-target a nearby enemy.

  • MelchiorsandMelchiorsand Posts: 11 Mighty
    edited July 3

    The main attraction to psylocke is her stealth and DOT (bleed) effects. That said, both deserve a buff. The hemorage boost is unnoticeable in terms of damage. Question: is it still bleed? If it isn't then there is no way to stack it with muramasa and that is very disappointing. Falling lotus is awesome but the enemies immediately jump back when you jump forward so it doesn't land right with cosmic bonus. Lastly the idea that there is a barrier that should protect her is way underpowered. It depletes instantly. Please so the rate that it depletes or buff her defense/dodge because she is like a glass cannon that shoots blanks right now!

  • erollathakingerollathaking getting PancakesPosts: 137 Incredible

    can we please change Kirisute Gomen back to a "spender" and change the animation for it? It looks and acts too much like Tsunami slash in the current iteration she has now.

  • Rj09Rj09 Posts: 85 Mighty

    Just looking throuvh the comments i can confirm that her clones dont do damage when they dash nor do they actually dash. Her ranged build in terms of damage is severely underpowered compared to her melee build that needs a looking into as well. Her melee build is fine but any changes or surprises are welcome really. Also her shield needs a huge buff like it goes away in two hits from normal mobs thats ridiculous if u want melee characters to go melee they NEED some type of survivability. I dont wanna have to go pure defense and then not be able to kill things from not having any damage. She needs more powers that have bleeds and they need to be buffed cause right now she has only one and its okay but definitely needs a buff. Od say all her melee moves should have some sort of grievous wound applied to then along with one of her abilities that are melee to apply a vulnerability to bleeding powers.

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