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working as intended or just broken as hell? My easiest cosmic trial yet.

secretmedicinesecretmedicine TexasPosts: 105 Incredible
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With all the gadget gear thats been dropping in the daily bugle (vulture medallion, cosmic spiderman mask, salvaged alien tech legendary, ect) I was already decided that my beast would be a gadget build from lvl 1. This is a decision I do not regret. I noticed something strange from very early levels, with my build the enemies were permanently stunned. I face tanked the bosses and trash with my health never moving. As soon as I hit lvl 60 I went into cosmic trial in my crappy unoptimized (not even lvl 60) purple gear and face tanked both bosses. Only needing to move around a bit to group up the ranged mobs so I could stunlock them. What about the bosses? Never hit me. Buckle up for a respec into the easiest playstyle that is most likely not working as intended. I will first go over the skills and talents, then explain how the rotation works and why it is broken.

Skills (only 3 non-gadget attacks. One is your sig, one always brutal strikes, the third resets the cooldown on the brutal strike ability):

Bestial Beatdown
Grappling Hook Slam
Deploy Gas Drone
Deploy Adhesive Drone
Deploy Taser Drone
Unleash the Beast
Agile Tumble

Problem Solver
Ferocious Claws
Bestial Fury
Leave none Behind (optional any choice on this tier will work, choose whichever you prefer)
Light Show

Ok, now here's the breakdown. You may have noticed there is not a non-cooldown filler attack. With Problem solver decreasing your gadget cooldowns each time you cast a gadget this build will have your fingers very very busy. Grappling Hook Slam has a bonus if you have over 50% momentum, it's irrelevant, as is momentum with this build. If you are looking to gear this build for damage, focus on Cooldown Damage over gadget damage because every skill is tagged cooldown. Out of our 7 attacks, 7 are cooldowns, 4 are gadgets, 3 do DoTs.

You have an optional not so safe opener. Technically the most DPS opener you can do is rush in and cast Bestial Beatdown, Grappling Hook Slam to reset the cooldown, then Bestial Beatdown one more time. so we get an extra 2 casts of Beatdown during the fight, but as I am focusing on the overpowered stun lock, I just let these first casts go to waste. (Bestial Beatdown is guaranteed to brutal strike thanks to Ferocious Claws)

So here is our rotation...
(Optional opener of Bestial Beatdown, grappling hook slam, Bestial Beatdown)

Deploy Gas Drone, Deploy Adhesive Drone, Deploy Taser Drone, Grappling hook Slam, Electro-Catalyst, Bestial Beatdown, Electro-Catalyst (now your drones are off cooldown), Unleash the Beast (will be up every other rotation)

by How it works

As you run in you can drop all three drones from ranged on your target then use grappling hook slam to also drop right on top of the target. This serves 2 purposes. It gets you in range to use electro catalyst on all three drones, as well as giving the animation time of the blackbird shadow to pass and drop the drones. by the time you land the drone animations have completed and you can cast electro catalyst. (Now each gadget you cast is taking 1 sec off the cd's of all gadgets on cooldown thanks to Problem Solver). After you leap in and pop electro catalyst the enemies still stunned and immobilized from two of the drones, are now taking fairly heavy dot damage for 8 seconds. Next, you cast bestial beat down (guarantee brutal thanks to ferocious claws) and within a second, electro catalyst is back off cooldown. if you have sig you pop it here, which ends with a 3 second terrify and a strong dot from Jubilee. If sig is not off cooldown fret not because all your drones are already off cooldown and your rotation restarts immediately. There is no downtime save for the 1 second in between your bestial beat down and the 2nd cast of electro catalyst.

Heres the issue though. I find when I apply the dot from the Adhesive drone and Gas Drone, the enemies are becoming stunned for the entire dot duration, and with my cooldowns back up before the dots wear off, I can reapply them before the stun wears off. Hence the enemies (even cosmic trial bosses) I am fighting never move after my first rotation as long as I am in step with my rotation and don't waste more than 1-2 seconds in between. Try this out and tell me if you think this is working as intended...or just broken as hell.


  • DeathboxDeathbox Posts: 41 Mighty

    I've never used beast so I'm not sure if that's normal or not. However you answered my own personal question so thank you. I was curious if there's a build that doesn't rely so heavily on momentum. I'm considering making beast my next ES purchase.

  • Caesar217Caesar217 Posts: 143 Incredible

    Working as intended, problem solver is HUGE. I run a movement build, but I wanted to try a gadget one if I could drop the new legendary, glad to hear that what I thought in theory is actually even better in reality. Thanks for sharing it !

  • MrPICKLES2uMrPICKLES2u Posts: 124 Incredible

    His ability to stun things isn't any different crom Ice Man or Angela so I would have to say working as intended. Which is awesome because he is fun as all get out

  • JackUnionJackUnion Posts: 11 New Agent

    He is a blast. Angela is a beast (pun intended) and I enjoy playing her, but beast is such a fun character.

  • newbadonenewbadone Connecticut Posts: 197 Incredible

    Thanks for the build! I'll try it tonight. I've been trying to crack beast for days and may help.

  • VraxGrimmVraxGrimm A mile high in the desertPosts: 21 Mighty

    That's the same build that I use, the signature going off every 12ish seconds is insane. Beast can take a little extra effort to learn, mostly due to the fast-pace of button pressing you have to do to optimize him, but he's a lot of fun and does great damage in the end.

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  • deathraddeathrad Posts: 405 Amazing

    absolutely wrecked cosmic with him (melee build) quickly learned not to use his channel ability thou as there is no way that shouldn't have a invulnerability on it.

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  • newbadonenewbadone Connecticut Posts: 197 Incredible

    Finally got around to it and it was easy af! Thank you!

  • FloodblueFloodblue PortsmouthPosts: 237 Amazing

    I'll have to give this a try, Beast is my next ES purchase (After Ant-Man!)

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  • undrtakeroneundrtakerone Posts: 133 Incredible

    What's the best gear for this build?

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  • krinkykrinky East TNPosts: 44 Mighty
    edited October 16

    @secretmedicine This build... holy crap! I have been having a blast! This is amazing, fun, just... wow! I have a new main to rotate in. This build is fast, hard-hitting, and insanely fun. Great work!

    EDIT - The Elektra fight in the Hand Tower, that I hate (ninjas), was under 1 minute with this hero/build. Thank you!

  • IceBusterIceBuster Original East CoastPosts: 391 Amazing

    Great build as I prefer the gadget side of things for heroes.

    Increased drop rate for cosmic artifacts would be nice.

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