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My gadget build

FrontdackelFrontdackel Posts: 95 Mighty
edited July 30 in BLACK CAT

Woooo.... my first guide / build ever. If you stumble accros things that need correction (especialy grammar and writing) please feel free to point me at them. Not a native english speaker, so there will be errors or things that sound weird.

After the new vulture legendary dropped for me I quickly decided to try out a blackcat gadget build. And its quite fun and effective.
Told myself to share it, maybe someone can come up with improvements. Or even better be inspired to try the lady out.

Quick Getaway: Self explaining. Our dodging move. With the added extra of giving you 4 seconds of stealth. A charm during trials

Explosive Trap: Pretty simple. Our first trap, throw it out. 1.5 seconds later things go boom.

Gas Trap: DoT and weakens enemies. Nice one.

Sticky Trap: Flat damage to enemies. Makes them immobile for a second and lets them take 10% more damage for another 8s.

C'Mere Kitty: Attack that sets enemies up for trap damage. 5s after being hit by this strike they take 15% more trap damage.

Master Thief: Invisible for 5 seconds. Nice escape during trials. And with the rigth traits helps tremendous in dealing damage.

The Cat's Meow (Cat scratch fewer): Our (talen altered) signature. Explosions. Lots of them. Tagged as trap and gadget. These combined with Master Thief and Kitty leads to amazing damage numbers (Even not highly geared I manage to deal 1-1.5 million. Not exactly the highest out there, but its a screen wide AoE.)

Thats all the skills you need. Leaves one slot open, I used:
Taser Trap: Not a fan. DoT, seems like at least two traps must be used to get any damage. Not a fan but not seeing many alternatives.

1. Pinpoint Accuray: +2% Crit and Brutal Chance. And the 2% chance to instakill mobs realy helps early on. Later on your killspeed is high enough to no longer need that instakill.
The other to choices.... Well not that tempting.
Sleigth of paw gives a chance to knock nearby mobs down, and 2% deflect and dodge. We are invisble or moving, thats our defence.
Other choice would be Tenth Time's a charm. Improving the nine lives mechanic a bit. We don't plan on dying.

  1. Silent Paws: Quick Geaway's duration increased by 5 seconds. And movment speed while its active is increased. And an added health regeneration added on top. Makes quick getaway not exactly a "win" button. But at least a "I don't die" button.

Cruel claws: Bonus to claw powers against bleeding foes. We don't use claws.
One women minefield: Traps have 6 max charges, shared among the 3 of them. To little benefit compared to Paws. More interesting if you only use one or two of the traps. It might be more effecient to use just one sticky and gas trap in your rotation, followed by 4 explosives. But I am not willing to give up the security of Paws.

  1. Gatecrasher: Claw and gadget powers allways crit with master thief active. Makes gearing up so much more easy. Forget about crit chance, now we are looking for brute.

Cat Burgler: Higher steal chance on master thief. And master thiefs cooldown refreshes with the use of cats meow. More gimicky than usefull in my opinion. Might have uses in other builds.

Life of the party: Master thief resets all charges on Trap powers. (And a buff to allies.) Sounds interesting, but not needed, there is little need for a filler in our rotation. So no need to recharge the traps faster. And you don't wanna pass the granted crits of gatecrasher.

4: Cat's meow: Changes Cats Scratch fewer. The whole screen gets clustered with explosives. Those count as trap and gadget.

Alternatives (no, not realy):
Diamond tipped Claws: Adds a DoT effect
Spring-loaded traps: Throw out your three basic traps (Ex- gas- and sticky) during scratch fewer. Not needed.

5: Crossed Paths: Trap powers no longer break stealth. +20% damage to traps.
Applys to Cat's meow as well. So... 20% increase in damage to your signature. Which will deal auto crits after using master thief? And leaves you in stealth to follow up with your other gadgets? Yes please.

Whip fighter: Sounds potent. But pales compared to crossed paths.

Curiosity Kills: Powerfull. For a melee build. Not for us.

We basicly have two rotations.
The bread and butter: Your basic traps: Sticky, gas and explosive (in that order) followed by a dodge or your filler (taser trap)
The killer: C'Mere Kitty, Master thief, Cat's meow. The world goes boom. Normal and elite mobs should die by this alone most of the time. Bosses get hit for a good chunk of their health.

Never, ever use Cat's meow without popping Master Thief first (and at bosses: Make sure to hit them with Kitty before master thief thats another 15% of damage). Which should be easy because both have a 30 second cooldown.
You can't fire your "bread and butter" non-stop. Fill the time with dodging, taser traps and an occasional Kitty.

Gear: Well, if anyone has ideas for artifacts. Go ahead. I am poorly undergeared when it comes to them.
Legendary: I am using the "Salvaged alen weapon". Seem to be made for Blackcat. Currently at rank 1. the 1500 added gadget damage isn't something to neglect. Rank 3 brings another 1000 brutal strike rating, rank 4 +2 to all attributes and rank 5 should realy help with the rotation. Reducing the cooldown of gadget powers by 25%

Else: Well, currently I am to strike a balance: around 100% base damage, than brut- rating up to 2000 and pumping crit damage (crithit is nice to have but least on my list. We have our 100% crits on the signature.)

Synergies: Well... uhm.... haven't unlocked that many synergies. Would aim at prime attributes (War machine and Angela) and synergies that improve your crit and brutal stats.

Infinity: Pumped all (the pitty 33 i have right now) into crit chance. Should be changing them to crit damage I guess.

Thats it for now. Thanks for taking your time reading through it, any ideas and pointer to improve are more than welcome.


  • NecroshanNecroshan FloridaPosts: 104 Incredible

    Nice build. I use a very similar one with a few minor changes. Instead of C'Mere Kitty I use Land on Your Feet for the Bleed (another dot why not) and Grappling Whip +40% vs Bleeding. My rotation is throw all the traps, jump in with Land on Your Feet and then a few attacks with Grappling Whip. Jump out pop Master Thief and Sig. I like to have a spammable, but going to try it with C Mere.

    Anyways, loving BC. Pretty amazing.

  • EchoingTideEchoingTide Posts: 110 Incredible

    My build is remarkably similar to yours except I use Whip Crack as my filler. I also opted to go all in on Brutal Strikes and ignored Critical Strikes all together. With a base of 148% and 7k Brutal Strikes.

    The Artifact messes a little with your rotation as well since your Signature counts as a Gadget, it'll recharge much faster than Master Thief. I tried to rebuild Black Cat with the Cat Burglar talent to force Master Thief to have the same cool down as The Cat's Meow, however I found it to be a little lacking in the occasional missed critical or brutal strike but made up for it by having a faster recharge time.

  • NecroshanNecroshan FloridaPosts: 104 Incredible

    so after some gearing today, BC when using Sig with Master Thief is consistently hitting fro 2 mill. I have hit as hard as 5 mill with the sig.She is pretty amazing all around for trash clears and boss.

  • cryptorxcryptorx MidwestPosts: 262 Amazing
    edited July 31

    Black Cat's own artifact is something to consider.

    Black Cat's Advanced Grappling Hook

    +4 Speed
    +780 Damage Rating to Gadget Powers
    +250 Critical Hit Rating
    +668 Dodge Rating
    +250 Damage Rating vs Bosses

  • FrontdackelFrontdackel Posts: 95 Mighty
    edited July 31

    Sweet. Almost perfect for her. Can it drop everywhere? Guess not, time to farm midtown.

  • NecroshanNecroshan FloridaPosts: 104 Incredible

    Farming the hook is a PITA.....

  • healrainhealrain Posts: 15 Mighty

    I've only got the normal version of the hook, but it drastically improves the damage of black cats sig damage. Got mine from a shield supply box.

  • NecroshanNecroshan FloridaPosts: 104 Incredible

    Yeah, Im using a normal one I also found in a box.

  • ATG LuckySlayerATG LuckySlayer Posts: 79 Mighty

    @EchoingTide not ignoring crit will make your brutes higher man

  • EchoingTideEchoingTide Posts: 110 Incredible

    @ATG LuckySlayer said:
    @EchoingTide not ignoring crit will make your brutes higher man

    Strikes. Not Damage.

  • Fregoli1Fregoli1 parisPosts: 148 Incredible

    i looted yesterday a CE taskmaster. so i put it on the place of the CE grappling (i have not in gadget but movement). it's better. because it increase base damage, ranged damage, melee damage, and give a +6% on bosses. +6% ! definitively woth it, in my opinion.
    the 2 others artefacts i run : CE jurse, and CE vulture's wing.

    i use this power (not sure lots of people use it) which need invisibility to be apply on elites and bosses : powers against them are improved, and it's doing a dot. so, before master thied and the sig, i thought it was a necessary path.

    43 Heroes in Cosmic, and 43 Heroes in Omega !
    MHO looks good again !!!
    Psn : fregoli1
    question : when do we get more omega heroes, and more costumes for all ???
    [excuse my english, but i'm not. and i try to use english langage at my best].

  • IceBusterIceBuster Original East CoastPosts: 391 Amazing

    @Necroshan said:
    Farming the hook is a PITA.....

    RNG gods blessed me with the cosmic version in midtown today. Cant wait to add it to her character once I get her to 60.

    Increased drop rate for cosmic artifacts would be nice.

  • SatanklauseSatanklause Posts: 35 Mighty

    @IceBuster said:

    @Necroshan said:
    Farming the hook is a PITA.....

    RNG gods blessed me with the cosmic version in midtown today. Cant wait to add it to her character once I get her to 60.

    Does the cosmic change the gadget to movement damage? Someone said it did, I was just checking. Thanks.

  • IceBusterIceBuster Original East CoastPosts: 391 Amazing

    @Satanklause said:

    @IceBuster said:

    @Necroshan said:
    Farming the hook is a PITA.....

    RNG gods blessed me with the cosmic version in midtown today. Cant wait to add it to her character once I get her to 60.

    Does the cosmic change the gadget to movement damage? Someone said it did, I was just checking. Thanks.

    It does. Why Gaz made it this way is weird.

    Increased drop rate for cosmic artifacts would be nice.

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