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Headshot does not seem to be working as intended.

BropolloCreedBropolloCreed The Chiss AscendancyPosts: 2,078 Astonishing

The multiplier on headshot does not seem to be working as intended. This could be a function of one of two things: either the damage is not calculating correctly, or the display for enemy health is off.

When I see a non-boss enemy with 25%-33% health remaining, and I use Headshot, I'm fully expecting them to go down. 75% of the time, though, the damage they take is lackluster, or fails to eliminate the target.

Maybe it's not getting a critical hit as often as the other skills. I have the damage numbers being displayed, and there is an increase, but it just seems to be under-powered. Without a percentage displayed on enemy health, it's difficult to calculate the damage on Headshot.

As it's his execute, it just seems like it's lacking. Perhaps it needs a tweak such as increased base damage, or a guaranteed critical hit, as opposed to the missing health % modifier to damage. I could see an argument against the auto-crit on the old iterations, where skills could be spammed at will (depending on resource availability), but with limits on the number of uses without a reload, it makes more sense for a guaranteed critical hit (with an elevated chance for a brutal hit).


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  • DeksamDeksam Posts: 1,837 Astonishing

    I could second this but there is an ability that headshot should kill any non-boss enemy immediately, which works properly.. unless you're in the cosmic trial.. This is a MUST HAVE for the cosmic trial as most of the other damage abilities are very low in comparison to other characters. He has plenty of damage over time options, but it's not high enough and consistent enough without the sniper shot headshot trait.

    It would even be adequate to at least give it a guaranteed brutal strike in cosmic, but right now, it does nearly NOTHING to most enemies blue and above in cosmic, making it a useless power - yet outside of cosmic in the story mode, it is fantastic as it clears gold tier mobs guarding bosses really well. Single target otherwise for bosses is low which still balances punisher in my view, but makes him invaluable to a group.

    This should definitely be worked on.

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