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[PS4] Marvel Heroes Omega 1.08 Patch Notes

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Daily Bugle Overrun by Sinister Six!

J. Jonah Jameson has claimed to have uncovered the identity of Spider-Man, but he’s only teased his readers with this and hasn’t published yet. The various members of the Sinister Six see this as their chance to finally rid themselves of Spidey and they aren’t willing to wait for the next edition! They want this information NOW! (Of course if they can cause massive destruction along the way, that’s even better!)

Heroes must fight their way through several different floors of the Bugle and remove the villains from the premises by any means possible. The Operation culminates with a rooftop fight against a new villain, The Vulture!

Editor’s Note: J. Jonah Jameson’s sources of information may not be entirely reliable. The opinion’s expressed in said article belong to the author.

The Daily Bugle Operation pits players against a random assortment of villains who have at various points in time been part of the Sinister Six!

New Location:

  • Operation: Daily Bugle (Level 11 minimum requirement to unlock)

New Missions:


  • Vulture’s Vengeance (Level 11 minimum requirement)

Daily Bugle Event (Account):

Speak to S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Stan Lee in the Avengers Tower for your next assignment.

  • Daily Bugle Beatdown
  • Reward - Daily Bugle Press Badge (Artifact)

New Items:


  • Vulture’s scavenged some Alien Tech and cobbled together a new Legendary Item!


  • Vulture rummaged through the trash heap and brought his own Medallion with him!
  • The Sinister Six have created a Unique Medallion that represents their membership since Otto’s calculations are a little off, and there’s clearly way more than six of them.


  • Vulture, Green Goblin, Tombstone and Kraven have become jealous of the rest of the Sinister (can these guys even say) Six and brought Artifacts of their own with them!
  • Additionally, The Sinister (way more than) Six have stolen Spider-Man’s Webbed Wings! (Artifact)

Newspapers! Read all about it!

  • The Spider-Menace is headlining several Bugle Newspapers which can be found from any enemy in the Operation!

New StarkTech Crafting Options:

  • StarkTech Research Credits - These special crafting materials will be available exclusively during our Spider-Man Homecoming event! StarkTech Research Credits can be crafted at the Engineer, or obtainable as a reward from Spider-Man Loot Boxes. These StarkTech Research Credits can be put towards the StarkTech Research Project to unlock various new crafting rewards!

  • StarkTech Research Project - Once you have some StarkTech Research Credits, they can be used for the Researcher’s StarkTech Research Project, which can produce various results such as new StarkTech Upgrade recipes, random crafter XP consumables, and other Spider-Man Homecoming event items!

  • StarkTech Upgrades - These new recipes are acquired through the StarkTech Research Project, directly from the labs of Tony Stark! Both your Engineer and Scientist can acquire new recipes for StarkTech Upgrades that can be applied to certain gear slot items:

    • Slot 1 or 5 Enhancement: Starktech Arc Enhancement
    • Slot 1 or 5 Enhancement: Starktech Impact Generator
    • Slot 1 or 5 Enhancement: Starktech Improved Web Fluid
    • Slot 2 or 4 Enhancement: Starktech Impact Reduction
    • Slot 2 or 4 Enhancement: Starktech Evasive Capabilities
    • Slot 3 Utility Enhancement: Stark Resilient
    • Slot 3 Utility Enhancement: Web Shooter Schematics
    • Artifact Modification: Starktech Extremis 001


A new feature for this update is the addition of the VIP account status.

Becoming a VIP in Marvel Heroes Omega is simple! The first time you purchase Gs from the in-game store or purchased any bundle pack through the PSN Store, your account will be permanently upgraded to VIP status! Any accounts that have already made a Gs or pack purchase prior to this update will automatically be upgraded to VIP account status.

All VIP accounts gain access to the following permanent upgrades to their Marvel Heroes Omega account:

  • Nightcrawler playable Hero unlocked (VIP timed exclusive)
  • Permanent +5% Bonus Experience
  • Permanent +5% Bonus Credits
  • 10 additional storage slots
  • Receive 5 Eternity Splinters every day you log in

In addition, you will also receive a free bonus one-time only Marvelous Loot Box upon upgrading!


Nightcrawler is joining the Hero roster of Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4!

Estranged son of the evil mutant Mystique, Kurt Wagner was raised by a fortune teller and grew up as a part of a travelling circus in Germany. Using his unique physique and agility, he performed as the star acrobat for years until finally attempting his escape. During this escape, Nightcrawler teleported for the first time, and event that led to him being rescued from an angry mob by Professor Charles Xavier, who came to recruit him into the X-Men.

Nightcrawler is available starting today, July 20th exclusively to VIP Accounts!


  • Increased Boss item drop rates in all Operations. Significantly increased Cosmic Artifact drop rates in all Operations.

  • Advanced stats can now be shown when comparing items by pressing Left on the directional pad.

  • Damage and Defense stats should no longer appear on Flourish slot items.

  • Added the ability to sell or donate items directly from the S.T.A.S.H. for all vendors and crafters.

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Support Beacon now correctly spawns a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.

  • The Cosmic Reflect affix now properly triggers from Powers tagged with the Dash Keyword only.

  • Level 3 Science Division Research Report now properly displays as Level 3 instead of Level 2, matching the item actually produced.

  • Complete Relics can now be unbound vis the Relic Unbind and Matrix Unbind.

  • Complete Relics now have a confirmation window when purchasing them

  • Fixed a display issue with Pym Particles showing 0 crit rating.

  • Fixed an issue where Catalysts that could not be equipped on the current Hero did not properly show as locked for that hero.

  • Fixed an issue where the Relic slot did not display as unlocked in the Inventory UI immediately upon reaching level 20.

  • Fixed an issue where the Twilight Legendary item proc could instantly defeat Boss rank enemies.

  • Fixed Moondragon’s inventory so that the following costumes can now be purchased with Marvelous Essence:

    • Spider-Man Homecoming StarkTech Costume
    • Spider-Man Amazing Costume



  • Lightning Storm now generates 50% of your max Odin Force.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause War Machine's Total War sound effects to continue when the ability was interrupted.


  • You can now open Marvelous Loot Boxes immediately after purchasing directly from within the in-game store, rather than having to claim them from the Delivery tab and open them from within the Inventory menu.

  • You can no longer purchase a costume box for a costume you have already unlocked.

  • Players should no longer incorrectly receive Marvelous Essence for costumes they have not yet unlocked.

  • The Boost UI panel for the second player when playing couch co-op should now be accurate.

  • Minor performance improvements for Midtown Patrol and other high-combat areas.

  • The Mission Accept / Complete Dialog now allows you to view the full Tooltip of the reward item(s) by scrolling with the Right Stick.

  • Fixed an issue where some Prestige-related Trophies were not correctly being awarded. Note that these Trophies unfortunately cannot be awarded retroactively, but will be awarded the next time the conditions for these Trophies are met.

  • Removed an incorrectly placed vendor from Doomstadt Inner Village.

  • Improved Legendary Mission “For Great Science” hints and objectives.

  • Updated Legendary Mission “Thin Out Their Numbers” to work better with the enemies in the Fjords of Norway.

  • Reduced objective requirements for Legendary Mission “Castle Crash”.

  • Fixed an issue where the “A Frosty Reception” Story Mission in Chapter 9 could get stuck if Heimdall wasn't spoken to.

  • Fixed an issue where there was no portal to the Dark Forest during Legendary Mission “Blood Runs Cold”.

  • Fixed an issue where the door into MGH Factory during “Paint the Town Red” Legendary Mission was not available.

  • Fixed issues with objective requirements for Legendary Mission “Send 'Em Packin’”.

  • Fixed an issue where Doombots did not count towards “No Big Deal” Legendary Mission.

  • Fixed an issue where the Latverian Defense Turrets in Castle Doom were able to attack while invisible.

  • Fixed an issue where the door to Shocker's room in Chapter 1 was not available during “Subway Sweep” Legendary Mission.

  • Fixed objective issues with Legendary Missions in Lower Asgard.

  • Fixed an issue where there was no Loot Cache after completing Super Villain Showdown: Blob and Toad's Circus Sideshow.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the “Loot Roll Failed” message to appear when opening Ultimate Upgrade Tokens on Beast or Iron Man.

  • Fixed a display issue in the in-game store which would sometimes incorrectly state "All Costumes Owned" even if you didn't own them all.

  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs did not trigger footstep sound effects while moving.

  • Fixed an issue where XP Boosts were not being applied correctly to Player 2 when playing couch co-op.

  • Fixes an issue where Player 2 in a couch co-op party could disappear after Player 1 initiated a teleport to a party member in the same region.

  • Fixed a typo in the Help menu that did not correctly reference the Medkit cooldown being reduced by the Intelligence stat.

  • Fixed an issue where Health and resource meters would sometimes briefly display incorrect values when changing regions or using teleport powers.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ultimate power icon wasn't showing up on the HUD as soon as you reached level 60.

  • Fixed a geographical error in mission text.


  • One of the new Trophies planned to be released with this patch was not able to be unlocked as intended and has been temporarily disabled. This Trophy will become available to unlock in an upcoming patch.

  • The following Cosmic Catalyst bonus is currently not functioning and will be fixed in an upcoming patch:

    • Adapt to your enemies’ attacks, taking 10% less damage from their damage type for 15s.
  • Jean Grey's New X-Men Costume Box in Moondragon's inventory awards the Jacketless version of this costume, however this is not noted in the description of the costume box. This costume box description will be updated to correctly reflect this in an upcoming patch.

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