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Melee/Bleed build dead?

MckillagorillaMckillagorilla Posts: 1 New Agent

Use to play the old blood, blood, blood build on PC which was great. Took a break bout a year and a half ago, recently got dragged back to play on console with friends. Finally saved ES for MK only to find that revamped talent system and item changes ruined the build.

Is there anyway to get that build back or something close to it?

The only thing close I've seen is a staff build which don't feel moon knight like imo. Or a very niche unicorn cosmic roll dependent melee which I'm not even sure is obtainable on console.



    Old school punch in the face bloodily moon knight was killed in BUE on PC in Jan. The changes to his spam power being charges/CD. killed it so now he has only 1 punching spam skill and his sig to punch people, with cetus uppercut punch being a bleed/cd/charges.

    Now hes a ranged hero.....which is criminal, MK was my main on PC since his released/cosmicd the whole 9 yards.


  • SGroboSGrobo NYCPosts: 31 Mighty

    I'm actually using a melee build that fares pretty well on cosmic difficulty, getting brutal strike's well in the millions with his signature. Not as consistent dps as let's say the god blade, but not as horrible as everyone says.

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  • wotrickwotrick 3 fingers of scotch and 3 fingers in my ****Posts: 32 Mighty

    Melee build is functional but a far cry from what it was

  • allanbrunoallanbruno Posts: 24 Mighty
    edited October 3

    Nunchuk is the secret

  • SGroboSGrobo NYCPosts: 31 Mighty

    @allanbruno said:
    Nunchuk is the secret

    Nah it's pretty horrible, staff sweep is not only better, but you can talent it for more damage.

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