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New Player Gear Question

Hello all, fairly new to the game and I've been searching all over in attempt to find the right mixture of gear. I was initially just stacking main attributes, sometimes to the point of almost 200% base damage, but the more I played the more I figured that can't be right. I read someone on here suggest to get base damage to 100% , crit hit and brutal strike ~3k and then the best you can in crit and brut damage after that. Would we all agree that is a good start, or does anyone else have some suggestions I can play with?



  • A2SpecterZeroA2SpecterZero Posts: 30 Mighty

    I've been wondering the same thing and I've been playing for awhile now smh... last I read 160% or so was a good amount and then continue as you said... I could be wrong though.

  • MuztashMuztash Posts: 32 Mighty

    Check your stats. I looked at mine a little while ago, and most all my strike and hit categories seem to have hit their limit caps. You might not even get any benefit by getting more of those stats. Crit damage and brute damage didn't seem to have any cap though.

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