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Lvl60 SG and can't get passed Super Heroic Trial

EternalSoulEternalSoul Denver, COPosts: 1 New Agent

I'm reading posts saying people got all the way to Cosmic and completed it at level 14... I'm level 60 and having trouble completing the Super heroic trial. What gives?


  • IceBusterIceBuster Covert East CoastPosts: 61 Mighty
    edited July 17

    Cosmic trial only opens up once you reach level 60 and completed the super heroic trial.

    But heroic and super heroic can be played at lower levels, where enemy difficulty is easy. Enemy difficulty scales up with every level, so that would explain why you are having trouble at level 60.

    I was able to complete Angela's heroic and super heroic at level 11 (the level that opens up heroic trial access).

  • AlanRAlanR Posts: 29 Mighty

    Hmm that kind of explains how I was able to beat Super Heroic at lv12 with SW (Wiccan), but had trouble with Jean Grey at lv60, and having trouble with Storm at lv60.

  • EliasjayEliasjay Posts: 5 New Agent

    Are you playing in Xbox or PS4? Either way, doing it at early levels feels easier. Xbox is a patch behind. On PS4 the dialogue skill wasn't needed. It's still (until tomorrow maybe) good to go on Xbox. I can imagine that's it's much harder to beat without permanent confusion.

  • DoserDoser Tewkesbury, UKPosts: 1,155 Astonishing

    Even doing Super Heroic at level 59 is much easier than 60. Not only does it scale per level... but I'm pretty sure at level 60 it scales even more than just the level difference.

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