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Nybling2Nybling2 Winchester, VAPosts: 9 Mighty

TL;DR: This is how I plan on spending my points eventually.

Hello! I mostly play War Machine as my main character while I slowly level up other people and so I wanted to look into where to put Infinity Points on the character. Spending some time in Excel (since most of this is only theory as I only have like 60 Infinity Points (so many other good games to play)).

The initial part of my plan is to grab 150 points 'spent' in each gem, mostly to unlock all of the bonuses. The big capstone I believe is the +1 to every attribute that each gem provides at 150 points.

But why?

Well, here's what that will provide (on top of all of the other bonuses):

6 Durability

  • +6% Defense Rating Multiplier (this plus the base multiplier for being War Machine, having a relic with +1 to all attributes, and the 600 base defense rating we have gives us a default 2.2% damage reduction before any gear is factored in).
  • +360 Health (which factors into having more Avg. Effective Health
  • 24% more damage.

6 Strength

  • +6% Deflect Rating Multiplier (this plus our base stats and factoring a relic with +1 to all attributes puts as at 0.9% damage reduction. With the reduction from durability at all that's a total of 3.1% reduced damage taken before gear DR is factored in and any other stat contributions).
  • -0.6% reduced damage from Deflected Attacks
  • 24% more damage.

6 Fighting

  • +3% Critical Rating Multiplier (this means that every item with Critical Rating Multiplier on it will give us more value for it. If you have the M'kraan equipped as your legendary, that is 45 more critical rating. May not seem like a lot but it all adds up).
  • -1.5% damage taken from Melee attacks.

6 Speed

  • +6% Dodge Rating Multiplier (not a huge deal unless you actually equip items with dodge rating, though defense rating and deflect rating are clearly our defensive stat priorities).
  • -1.5% damage taken from Area attacks.

6 Energy

  • -1.5% damage taken from Ranged attacks.
  • -1.5% reduced Suit Power costs (with the bonus on the Mind Gem, this starts to cut away into the higher costs of our powers due to the Arc Reactor talent).

6 Intelligence

  • 360 Critical Damage Rating (straight up more damage from crits and brutals)
  • -1.5% Med Kit Cooldown

Initial 900 Points

And now here is where I plan on putting my first 900 points and why.

  1. Mind Gem -- My plan here is to put 150 points in the Mind Gem first, all of them spent on Deep Thought. This raises it to Rank 75 and provides 375 Suit Power (or 22.5% more damage). This is on top of the 0.5% health we get back on a crit, reducing all of our suit costs by 10% (a nice little bonus to further help sustain), and +1 to all attributes (or 8% more damage).

  2. Time Gem -- The first 120 points are going into Temporal Loophole to buy 30 ranks. This provides 15% attack speed and 15% move speed. This makes us faster and it makes Total War hit faster. The next 30 points are invested in Time Flux for -3% cooldown reduction on Dash/Teleport powers. Time Gem provides us with a charge refresh on Medkit use and another charge for our Dash providing a lot more mobility.

To answer a question you might be having. Why only 30 ranks of Temporal Loophole? Because anything higher starts to waste points, in my opinion. I currently have an item that provides 14% attack speed (working on finding a better replacement). I only get 13.7% attack speed on my character sheet. That means 0.3% of that item isn't being factored in. At 15% the increase in attack speed will only be 14.5%. That's not that much of a loss.

If you wanted to max that particular option out to 25% attack speed? Your character sheet would show 21.1%. A loss of 3.9%. That's 32 infinity points worth of attack speed that's out the wind.

  1. Reality Gem -- all 150 points into Patency. 75% more damage for our Signature seems really good and using Medkits lowers the cooldown of our Sig and Ulti here and there too, also nice.

  2. Power Gem -- all 150 points into Superhuman. 5% more brutal strike chance is nice. Also having a higher chance to crit on Ulti or Brutal on our Sig is nice too.

  3. Space Gem -- 100 points to buy 4 ranks of Durability. 10 points into Micro-Warps for some more Defense Rating multiplier and 40 points into Space Gem Infusion for 10 ranks to get that 5% chance for more damage on each attack. The more damage reduction after using a Medkit and a flat 1% more Damage Reduction are also both nice.

  4. Soul Gem -- 108 points for 18 ranks of Inner Resilience (for Health on Hit) and 42 points for 6 ranks of Against All Odds for more Health Regeneration. Neither are amazing options, but it does give us 10% more healing from medkits and a free medkit use when falling below 30% health.

The Next 1100

Here's where I plan on allocating those:

Mind Gem

  • Max out Deep Thought (for more suit power)
  • Mind Over Matter (for 5% more crit chance)
  • Mental Focus (for 30% more crit damage)

Power Gem

  • Strike Through (for the brutal damage)
  • Raise Strength up 10 points.
  • 15 ranks of Power Gem Infusion

Reality Gem

  • Max out Patency for more sig power damage.
  • 6 more ranks of Durability
  • 10 more ranks of Space Gem Infusion****

With all that typed out, I'm looking for feedback and ideas, hopefully get a discussion going on what we should be looking at for War Machine in the Infinity System.

Thanks :)



    oh boy good luck getting to 2000 points lol. On PC after the 200% bonus and always an XP bonus plus running their boosts (legacy boosts also) so having about 400% XP Bonus Infinity point grinding was absurd after 1200 points. Before I switched over to ps4 i hit 1400 points and it was pointless to grind.

    I have about 100 points now with 100% XP so I am not looking forward to even ever remotely hitting 750 points. The IP grind is alot evenwith 100% and boosts, youd need to constantly boost and farm with SW to hit a dent into the IP.

    Right now I am all into Sig damage then I would go for Crit Damage then brute damage.but its so far off its absurd


  • Nybling2Nybling2 Winchester, VAPosts: 9 Mighty

    OH yeah for sure it's a long-term goal, haha. Still gotta get other characters up. SW being one of them for that insane clear speed.


    Yeah its a good goal, I think once omega difficulty hits + the small VIP bonus of 5% XP always on with 100% character XP it may make it easier but without a large amount of boosting plus server side XP (which Gaz said will be no where close to where PC is due to event fatigue), its going to be a battle.

    This is a good start though I am debating whether when raids go live to take some points from the Sig node and put it in spirit for sustain DPS due to longer battles and not using a basic. Decisions decisions


  • Nybling2Nybling2 Winchester, VAPosts: 9 Mighty

    I like the spirit node just because it adds sustain + damage for having more suit power. The sig node is also really, really good.

    It'll be interesting to see what XP bonus Omega difficulty brings. I miss Midtown Monday's. Getting the Legendary to max rank is already going to be a slog.


    @nybling2 just fyi confirmed with this week's patch legendary XP has been decreased and it should be retroactive as per asros's twitter. So maxxing it out shouldnt be too bad now


  • DivotoxDivotox Posts: 34 Mighty

    @nybling2 just fyi confirmed with this week's patch legendary XP has been decreased and it should be retroactive as per asros's twitter. So maxxing it out shouldnt be too bad now

    I hope the legendaries level just as fast as the pc versions. If they just knock 2 million or so off of each rank it won't help anything.

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