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Why can't I access Iron Fist?

Reaper8408Reaper8408 Posts: 1 New Agent

I downloaded the game on 7/13/17. Purchased all founder packs on PSN 7/14/17. When I highlight Iron Fist he is Grey in color but when I select him it shows him as Owned but I cannot play as him. Same for the symbiote Spider-Man costume. Please help.


  • DaivienDaivien Posts: 29 Mighty

    @Reaper8408 I would check with customer service, but if I remember correctly you had to buy all the packs before the game went live June 30th.

  • koniowsky717koniowsky717 Posts: 19 Mighty

    anything happen with this? if i buy the avengers pack and guardians, i have all founders packs. If i can still get iron fist, im doing it

  • DoserDoser Tewkesbury, UKPosts: 1,155 Astonishing

    I think the cut off point was 30th of June for the Iron Fist deal? I could be wrong.

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  • CataclysmicCataclysmic Posts: 28 Mighty

    I thought the cut off was August or maybe that was for xbox players because they didn't have a beta. Check with customer service just to be safe.

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