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Momentum Killed the Beast

The Parabolic PandaThe Parabolic Panda AssembledPosts: 69 Mighty

Hey all,

Not sure who to tag here, but something has got to be done about Beast.

I got him to 60 and as is, I'll never touch him again. I tried using his X-Friends powers, and waiting for momentum was brutal. Cooldowns are fine, but cooldowns AND constant moving? It was brutal, especially with only 8 power slots and 3 dash charges.

Please reconsider Momentum. Circling a group of enemies for 30 seconds just to call Angel isn't fun.


  • BladeBroBladeBro Posts: 83 Mighty

    I'm running movement/melee beast currently and having a decent amount of fun, I understand your momentum issue but i found that with my particular rotation, it takes well timed dashes, and efficient use of his grapple hook swing, then I essentially work up to his Angel summon, each rotation, the dashes aren't always needed, it's just depends on your choice of skills and build.

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  • XLenceofXQtionXLenceofXQtion Posts: 1 New Agent

    I've found it depends on your build, my build keeps my momentum filled and/or fills quickly. I make use of 3 somersaults and his dash ability which allows me to keep momentum and avoid hits.

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