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Storm costumes

piperjyoungpiperjyoung Reston, VaPosts: 1 New Agent

Does anyone know when she is getting an upgrade on her costumes . because I think they can do better
Who can I write to or call because some have like 4 costumes and she has 2. And one just awful

Best Answers

  • undeadflepundeadflep Posts: 28 Mighty
    Accepted Answer

    I agree, I think storm deserves more costumes.

  • ClericBaitClericBait ByrgenwerthPosts: 160 Incredible
    Accepted Answer

    So many costumes, 90's, ultimate, mohawk...

  • JoesierraJoesierra WisconsinPosts: 145 Incredible
    Accepted Answer

    Storm's had a lot of great looks, quite surprised she doesn't have more costumes available already.

    As with all X-men I'm (not so) patiently waiting for classic 90's

  • BabeBroBabeBro Phoenix Powered New York City, NYPosts: 937 Amazing
    Accepted Answer

    Storm recently got a visual update on her 90's costume on PC. It hasn't been revealed but I'm sure it's so she can get her 90's costume on consoles. They had to update the big hair as well which it didn't contain.


  • Mafussa8meMafussa8me Posts: 7 New Agent

    She most definitely needs more.

  • XxBlazingKnightXxBlazingKnight Posts: 39 Mighty

    Why only one? Add more costumes for Storm please.

    Worrying about something brings you no closer to a resolution or your objective. Why waste the energy?

  • BabeBroBabeBro Phoenix Powered New York City, NYPosts: 937 Amazing

    There are 40 characters. Storm has many costumes she just has to wait her turn. Be glad she's even in the game. Us Emma and Rogue fans are being tortured lol

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