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Protect the Innocent XB1

GraverobberGraverobber Posts: 11 Mighty

The wording for this talent, and what actually procs it are 2 different things. Says "Vengeance applies Protected" but no vengeance skills apply the buff. The skill that does is Penance Starr. Is this a bug or am I not getting how this works.


  • GraverobberGraverobber Posts: 11 Mighty

    Guess penance stare is a reskinned vengeance skill. So, yeah. It's a bug

  • RengokuBloodfangRengokuBloodfang Elkton, MDPosts: 341 Amazing

    There should be a skill specifically called Vengeance (causes Terrorized) basically a crappier version of his proper Penance Stare that you get much earlier. This skill becomes Infernal Contract with a talent. At least on PS4. Is Xbox really that different?

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