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Marvel Heroes Omega

Cap.America Medallion?

KatfiishKatfiish Posts: 15 Mighty



  • NoriyokuNoriyoku Posts: 16 Mighty

    Doc ock with Deflect nd life on hit.

  • ValkurynValkuryn Posts: 171 Incredible

    I like gorgons. For the turn to stone and vulnerablity

  • Fregoli1Fregoli1 parisPosts: 152 Incredible

    gorgon is good, best maybe in the game, for every hero.
    as Cap, if you use Airbone Assault, a mouvement power, with the Rhino's Medallion, ennemies will be stunned for 2 seconds. that's the one i use. very efficient.

    43 Heroes in Cosmic, and 43 Heroes in Omega !
    MHO looks good again !!!
    Psn : fregoli1
    question : when do we get more omega heroes, and more costumes for all ???
    [excuse my english, but i'm not. and i try to use english langage at my best].

  • Sesh458Sesh458 Oklahoma Posts: 13 Mighty

    Rhino for knockdown on AA

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  • FloodblueFloodblue PortsmouthPosts: 237 Amazing

    I have the Doc Ock one for now but its only Super Heroic and would love a cosmic one.

    I am going to try Rhinos too.

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  • TalynbladeTalynblade Posts: 84 Mighty

    I use man ape.. it has knockdown too

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