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Easiest Cosmic Trial Yet

SpasianNinjaSpasianNinja Posts: 24 Mighty

I've gotten 8 heroes through cosmic trial and She-Hulk has been the easiest by far (though part of that might be the synergies I have that I didn't before). I built her up with decent health and defense.

I love her combo system. With Punishing Verdict talent at level 44 and Always Another Case at 56, you can pretty much spam all your heavy hitting attacks constantly.

Long rotation I used was:
Opening statement -> Assault (build combo points to 5) -> Barrister Beatdown (sometimes) -> Final Verdict -> Objection -> Move to Strike -> Conviction

Short rotation was just the first 3 moves.

I used the Gorgon medallion since she can use her signature so often.

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  • GlitchiZGlitchiZ LouisianaPosts: 15 Mighty

    She was my first to beat Cosmic and fully upgrade Legendary. The difficulty was fairly easy iirc.
    Imo, I think Rocket Raccoon was the easiest.

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  • SpasianNinjaSpasianNinja Posts: 24 Mighty

    I don't doubt Rocket was good for trial. I've heard good things about him. I haven't tried him yet though.

    I actually just bought a legendary for She-Hulk last night. Went with the mace. I think it works well with her balance of tank and bruiser.

    "You're already dead." -Psylocke (probably)

  • kenshyn2k10kenshyn2k10 TexasPosts: 326 Amazing

    This was almost laughable how easy she-hulk destroys the cosmic trial her non stop seeming leaps in the air she barely took damage gave her the man-ape medallion for final verdict how the hell opening statement isn't leap is beyond me tho lol..... At the end I had two deadpools chilling with red skull it was so so sweet....

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