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The Unofficial Star-Lord Costumes Suggestion Thread!

ComixfanComixfan True BelieverWaiting for Xbox versionPosts: 196 Incredible
edited November 1 in STAR-LORD

Which of these are your favourites, and are there any other costumes or looks for Star-Lord that you'd like to see added?

Please note that, as with all these costume threads, this is not meant to be a complete list of all of Star-Lord's costumes and outfits. I will endeavour to update when possible, but please do not be offended if a particular look that was suggested in thread is not added to the list.


image image image
Original 80s 80s Masked
image image image
Universe X Sinjin Quarrel Prince
image image image
Kyln Modern Returned
image image image
Modern Classic Age of Ultron Guardians movie Prison
image image image
Guardians movie Jacket Guardians movie Ravager Retro Sci-Fi
image image image
Orange Spacesuit Space Barbarian I'm Not Daredevil
image image image
Black Vortex Secret Wars Quiet Room Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet
image image image
Secret Wars 1602 Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet
All-New All-Different
image image image
All-New All-Different Star-Lady Emperor Astronaut
image image image
100s Asterion One Mechanic Galaxy's Most Wanted
image image image
Bathrobe Cowboy Horsemen of Apocalypse
image image image
Marvel NOW! Deputy Mary Jane
image image
Venomverse Poison Nova Corps



    1 Choice Marvel Now!


  • PrincipePrincipe SEVILLA - MADRIDPosts: 15 Mighty

    Guardian movie jacket B)

  • ValkurynValkuryn Posts: 171 Incredible

    Cowboy and his look in the movies when he's just in a tshirt

  • IconicHeroIconicHero Fearless Leader S.H.I.E.L.D. SMASH roomPosts: 702 Amazing

    Black Vortex

  • KnightspastKnightspast VirginiaPosts: 45 Mighty

    Black vortex, modern, and the unshown one his descendent has with the guardians of the galaxy from 30000

  • BadrockBadrock Posts: 7 New Agent

    I like the Marvel Now look. I'm reading the All New Guardians books, so I'd definitely pick up that costume.

  • ComixfanComixfan True Believer Waiting for Xbox versionPosts: 196 Incredible

    Added Star-Lord from Venomverse #5!

  • ComixfanComixfan True Believer Waiting for Xbox versionPosts: 196 Incredible

    Added Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy #146!

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