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The Unofficial Psylocke Costumes Suggestion Thread!

ComixfanComixfan True BelieverWaiting for Xbox versionPosts: 104 Incredible
edited July 20 in PSYLOCKE

Which of these are your favourites, and are there any other costumes or looks for Psylocke that you'd like to see added to Marvel Heroes?

Please note that, as with all these costume threads, this is not meant to be a complete list of all of Psylocke's costumes and outfits. I will endeavour to update when possible, but please do not be offended if a particular look that was suggested in thread is not added to the list.


image image image
Original Fashion Model Lady Britain
image image image
Black Bodysuit Green 1st X-Men
image image image
Armored Bathing Suit Original X-Men Training Uniform
image image image
90s Jacket Revanche Swimsuit
image image image
Days of Future Tense Crimson Dawn Days of Future Past
image image image
Viper Pawn Psi-War Earth X
image image image
Alien Armor Revolution X-Treme X-Men
image image image
Millennial Visions Ultimate Mangaverse
image image image
X-Men: The End Modern Age of Apocalypse Modern X-Men Training Uniform
image image image
Executive Action Committee Exiles What If? Deadly Genesis
image image image
New Exiles Barbarian Pilot
image image image
Utopia X-Women Uncanny X-Force
image image image
Age of X 5 Ronin Dark Angel Saga
image image image
Death Regenesis Exalted
image image image
Magistrate Braddock Psychic Armor Marvel NOW!
image image image
Cat Burglar Psychic Avatar Revenant
image image image
Modern Spacesuit Danger Room All-New Marvel NOW!
image image image
Planet X X-Men Spacesuit Secret Wars Egyptia
image image image
Secret Wars Inferno Secret Wars K'un Lun All-New All-Different
image image
Horsemen of Apocalypse Life of X



image image image
X-Men: The Last Stand movie Wolverine and the X-Men animated X-Men: Apocalypse movie


  • SpasianNinjaSpasianNinja Posts: 15 Mighty

    I'm partial to the Crimson Dawn mark and the X-Force outfits but they both look mostly the same as her default so I would not want to spend money on it.

    As far as unique outfits for her, the Revolution and AoA outfits might be nice to have available.

    The training uniform looks good as well.

    "You're already dead." -Psylocke (probably)

  • Bradlove87Bradlove87 Lexington KyPosts: 2 New Agent

    Digging the all new all different. Though I probably won't buy her until they fix her talent bugs.

  • KlausPeterKlausPeter Posts: 12 Mighty

    I really like the Horsemen of Apocalypse and the X-Men: Apocalypse movie to bad that the movie costume will certainly not make it into the game

  • RoshonRoshon Posts: 213 Amazing

    Are we getting the Death costume? I like that one a lot

  • ComixfanComixfan True Believer Waiting for Xbox versionPosts: 104 Incredible

    Added Psylocke from Astonishing X-Men #1!

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