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The Unofficial Luke Cage Costumes Suggestion Thread!

ComixfanComixfan True BelieverWaiting for Xbox versionPosts: 173 Incredible
edited September 7 in LUKE CAGE

Which of these are your favourites, and are there any other costumes or looks for Luke Cage that you'd like to see added to Marvel Heroes?

Please note that, as with all these costume threads, this is not meant to be a complete list of all of Luke's costumes and outfits. I will endeavour to update when possible, but please do not be offended if a particular look is not added to the list.


image image image
Original Early 70s Fantastic Four
image image image
Power Girl 80s Business Suit Snowsuit
image image image
Green Jumpsuit Red Shirt Prison
image image image
Mid 90s Black Bodysuit Gorilla
image image image
Early 00s MAX Exiles
image image image
Gold Chain Trench Coat Secret War
image image image
Mutant X Red Glasses New Avengers
image image image
Shirtless White Tank Avengers Hoodie
image image image
House of M Dormammuverse Wakandan Robes
image image image
Power Fist Thunderer Thunderbolts
image image image
Thunderbolts Jacket Wedding Victor Alvarez
image image image
Ultimate Ultimate Spider-Man animated Boss Cage
image image image
Age of Ultron Mighty Avengers Modern Business Suit
image image image
Axis Inversion Secret Wars House of M Secret Wars Civil War
image image image
Run the Jewels All-New All-Different Horsemen of Apocalypse
image image image
Deadpool Merchandise Bow Tie Big Poppa
image image
Sweet Christmas Venomverse Iron Cage


Avengers Alliance


  • VanidaVanida EdmontonPosts: 20 Mighty

    I would like to see more enhanced gender variants such as Power Girl, so that there are more female characters to play as.

  • MarkVsColinMarkVsColin Posts: 74 Mighty

    The Max look is cool as is the red glasses costume too, maybe an enhanced costume as Jessica Jones would be awesome if she is not in game as a standalone character

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  • ramajanadramajanad Nashville, TNPosts: 70 Mighty

    Gold chain, trench coat and white tank

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    Luke Cage - cosmic
    Night Crawler - cosmic
    Magik - cosmic
    Squirrel Girl - cosmic
    Storm - cosmic
    Scarlett Witch - cosmic
    War Machine - cosmic
    Cpt. America - 10

  • KnightspastKnightspast VirginiaPosts: 44 Mighty

    an enhanced varient of Mitchell Tanner warhawk.

  • ComixfanComixfan True Believer Waiting for Xbox versionPosts: 173 Incredible

    Added Iron Cage from Venomverse: War Stories #1!

  • UndestinedPirateUndestinedPirate Posts: 1 New Agent

    Victor Alvarez. It'd make for a GREAT enhanced costume, besides not every hero has a villain as a parent.

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