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Relic of the Gibborim for BP?

KarlLaFongKarlLaFong Posts: 122 Incredible

I played him during the first part of closed beta. He's one of my favorite characters, but seemed like he was always out of Spirit. Is it worth sacrificing other stats to counteract this with the Relic of the Gibborim?


  • iLLMaTiC619iLLMaTiC619 CaLiPosts: 772 Amazing

    I went with it. Spirt is gone waaay too fast

  • Ccaps512Ccaps512 Posts: 314 Amazing

    I don't tend to have a problem when I have spirit on medkit

  • BusterBunny187BusterBunny187 Posts: 3 New Agent

    you need the cybernetic implant. it is the best artifact for spirit. It dropped for me in super heroic patrol.

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