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[PS4] Marvel Heroes Omega 1.07 Patch Notes

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Marvel Heroes Omega has officially launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Now that we are officially out of Open Beta, today (June 30th) will be the last day you can grab one of our Founder’s store packs from PlayStation Network, as well as any of the exclusive Founder’s rewards and associated unlocks, such as being able to play Iron Fist before everyone else!

As a token of appreciation for all of those who have supported Marvel Heroes Omega during the beta phases, all players who have purchased at least one Founder’s store pack will be receiving an exclusive Founder’s Flourish that will forever show you were among the first wave of superheroes that joined the fight in Marvel Heroes Omega. These Founder’s Flourish items will be delivered directly to eligible accounts in the future; we’ll announce on the Marvel Heroes Omega forums when these begin rolling out to players later next month.

With the Xbox One version of Marvel Heroes Omega now launching today, Founder’s Packs will be made available in the Xbox Live Marketplace as well! These Founder’s Packs will be available until August 31st, 2017. We’ll have more info on how Xbox One users will be able to acquire their own Founder’s Flourish at a later date.

Thank you all so much for supporting Marvel Heroes Omega!


To celebrate the upcoming theatrical release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters July 7th, we’ve added a new Spider-Man: Homecoming Loot Box in the in-game store that has a number of exclusive cosmetic items and costumes to score, including:

  • Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade (Hood Up) Costume
  • Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Costume
  • Spider-Man Back in Black Costume
  • Spider-Man Spider-Gwen Enhanced Costume
  • Spider-Man Homecoming Suit Costume
  • Spider-Man Amazing Costume
  • Iron Man Spider-Man Homecoming Costume
  • Holo-Stark Flourish
  • Spider-Man Logo Flourish
  • Vulture Wings Flourish

As with all of our Loot Boxes, you also have a chance for a variety of other rewards, including boxes of Marvelous Essence, so if you don’t get exactly what you’re looking for you can exchange your saved up Marvelous Essence for various Loot Box rewards by speaking with Moondragon in Avenger’s Tower.

We’ve also added a new Spider-Man: Homecoming pack to the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace!


With this update, players’ chances of receiving costumes from a loot box will improve substantially. Marvelous Loot Boxes now hold costumes for these rarity tables: Rare, Epic, Cosmic, and Ultra Cosmic! If players receive a duplicate costume within a loot box, they will receive a set amount of Marvelous Essence in place of that costume.

In addition, new hero-specific Ultimate Upgrade Tokens and Experience Tokens will also be included as possible rewards within Marvelous Loot Boxes boxes. In case you missed it, boxes of 10, 25, and 50 Marvelous Essence were also recently added as possible rewards within Marvelous Loot Boxes with the previous update.

As part of these changes, players will also now be able to earn Marvelous Loot Boxes in-game just by playing! Players will earn one-time boxes the first time they reach levels 5, 12, 15 and 30 with any Hero. In addition, one Marvelous Loot Box will be awarded to every Hero that the player reaches level 60 with! These Marvelous Loot Boxes will be granted to players retroactively to existing players that have already leveled Heroes to these milestones during Open Beta. Note that Marvelous Loot Boxes awarded for reaching level 60 are only awarded once per Hero - additional Marvelous Loot Boxes will not be awarded when reaching Level 60 on a Prestiged Hero.

Please note that to receive your level 60 Heroes’ Marvelous Loot Boxes after this update for Heroes that were already level 60, you will need to swap to each level 60 Hero in your roster after the update.

With larger loot tables and improved drop rates being applied to all loot boxes, players should also expect changes to costume availability. Beginning with this update, individual costumes will no longer be sold directly for Gs within the in-game store. Costumes will instead become available as part of current and future loot boxes.

The affected costumes are:


  • 1602


  • Ant-Man Movie


  • Astonishing X-Men

Black Panther

  • Civil War Movie

Black Widow

  • Age of Ultron Movie
  • Avengers Movie


  • Original

Captain America

  • Age of Ultron Movie
  • Classic
  • The Captain

Captain Marvel

  • Classic
  • Colossus
  • Marvel NOW!


  • Zen
  • The Deadpool Kid (Enhanced)

Doctor Strange

  • Doctor Strange Movie


  • Classic

Ghost Rider

  • Original


  • Age of Ultron Movie


  • Age of Ultron Movie
  • Marvel NOW!


  • All-New X-Men

Iron Fist

  • Marvel’s Iron Fist

Iron Man

  • Starboost
  • Age of Ultron Movie Mark 43

Jean Grey

  • New X-Men
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Age of Apocalypse

Luke Cage

  • Marvel’s Luke Cage


  • Phoenix Force

Moon Knight

  • Marvel NOW!
  • Mr. Knight


  • Black Vortex


  • Lady Mandarin

Rocket Raccoon

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Movie (Enhanced)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Enhanced)

Scarlet Witch

  • Civil War Movie
  • Wiccan (Enhanced)


  • Law and Disorder


  • Amazing
  • Civil War Movie

Squirrel Girl

  • Unbeatable


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Movie


  • Astonishing X-Men


  • Age of Ultron Movie
  • Jane Foster (Enhanced)

War Machine

  • Civil War Movie


  • Classic Brown
  • Old Man Logan

We plan to rotate the costumes available in the loot boxes out every few months, but players looking for particular costumes after this update can use their Marvelous Essence (given in each loot box) to acquire them directly from the Marvelous Essence vendor Moondragon, located in all Hubs. She will carry all costumes in the loot boxes available at that time.

Starting today, these will be the costumes in rotation within the Marvelous Loot Box:

  • Angela - 1602
  • Beast - Astonishing X-Men
  • Black Panther - Urban Jungle (Cape Variant)
  • Blade - Original
  • Captain America - Classic
  • Cyclops - 90’s
  • Deadpool - Unmasked
  • Ghost Rider - Secret Wars
  • Hawkeye - Hawkguy
  • Hulk - Marvel NOW!
  • Iron Man - Starboost
  • Jean Grey - New X-Men
  • Magik - Phoenix Force
  • Moon Knight - Mr. Knight
  • Psylocke - Lady Mandarin
  • Scarlet Witch - Wiccan (Enhanced)
  • She-Hulk - Law and Disorder
  • Spider-Man - Amazing
  • Squirrel Girl - Unbeatable
  • Wolverine - Classic Brown

NOTE: These changes are not yet implemented in the Xbox One release, but are scheduled to be added in an upcoming update for the Xbox One version.


As we depart from our Open Beta and head into our official launch of Marvel Heroes Omega with this update, the Eternity Splinter and G costs for heroes have been updated along with the starting amount of Eternity Splinters received after completing the tutorial mission.

The new Eternity Splinter and G costs are:

  • 200 Eternity Splinters / 450 Gs
  • 500 Eternity Splinters / 900 Gs
  • 750 Eternity Splinters / 1,350 Gs

Along with these pricing adjustments, the Eternity Splinter prices for Heroes have been adjusted to fit within these new tiers:

  • Angela - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Ant-Man - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Beast - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Black Panther - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Black Widow - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Blade - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Captain America - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Captain Marvel - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Deadpool - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs
  • Doctor Strange - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs
  • Colossus - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Cyclops - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Gambit - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Ghost Rider - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs
  • Hawkeye - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Hulk - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Iceman - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Iron Man - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs
  • Jean Grey - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs
  • Kitty Pryde - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Luke Cage - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Magik - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Moon Knight - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Nova - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Punisher - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Psylocke - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Rocket Raccoon - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs
  • Scarlet Witch - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • She-Hulk - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Spider-Man - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs
  • Star-Lord - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Storm - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Squirrel Girl - 200 ES / 450 Gs
  • Thor - 500 ES / 900 Gs
  • Wolverine - 750 ES / 1,350 Gs

Any new accounts going forward will be given 225 Eternity Splinter as a reward for completing the tutorial mission.


  • Fun Fireworks now have an icon!


  • Many Hero power icons have been updated.


  • Fixed an issue where Jean Grey could not access her level 1 talent because the panel would show as locked until level 32.


  • Updated the tooltip description for the Back from Limbo power.


  • Fixed a typo in Squirrel Girl's Squirrel Saboteur power.


  • Improved performance in Midtown Patrol and other enemy-heavy regions.

  • The Hero Roster now has a tutorial that displays the first time you open the panel.

  • Players entering Hell’s Kitchen without speaking with Maria Hill will no longer be trapped on the rooftop.

  • Pressing L2 while holding down a face button will now activate the power in that slot (e.g. Holding down X and then pressing L2 will activate the power in the L2+X slot).

  • Fixed an issue that prevented use of the third (green) or fourth (pink) DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers to initiate a couch co-op session.

  • Fixed an issue during couch co-op play where player 2’s Hero model could disappear when they attempted to change their costume.

  • Fixed an issue during couch co-op where player 2's health & resource bars would not update correctly if you logged out and back in.

  • Fixed an issue where the player indicator persisted after the player changed their Hero or their Hero's costume (for both the first and co-op player).

  • Fixed an issue where the Ultimate and Talents panels wouldn't re-lock themselves when switching to a Hero that was under the level requirement for those features.

  • Fixed an issue where the Infinity system locked itself if you prestiged the only level 60 hero on your account.

  • Fixed Infinity "Infusion" Nodes to no longer refer to Physical, Energy, or Mental damage types.

  • Fixed an issue where players could lose controller input when opening the Hero Roster while a tutorial was displayed.

  • Fixed an issue where mission UI elements would overlap when completing an Operation Bounty mission.

  • Fixed an issue where the Bodyslide animation wouldn’t play when returning to a combat zone.

  • Fixed an issue that caused highlighting to appear on throwables that can't currently be picked up.

  • Fixed an issue where the player's Powers HUD could disappear when logging out and back in.

  • Fixed an issue in Lieber's Brewhouse where the chests appeared before defeating all enemies in the treasure room. The hidden/extra (non-treasure room) chest should spawn upon defeating the extra boss (Che Luck), and the usual treasure room chest should spawn upon defeating all enemies (5 total enemies).

  • Fixed the portal in Lieber's Brewhouse to take the player's character downstairs to the bar area from the top floor.

  • The hidden room in Lieber's Brewhouse now spawns a S.H.I.E.L.D. Minor Supplies chest upon defeating Che Luck.

  • Fixed an issue where "Secrets of the Hammerhead Gang" lore mission did not unlock upon completing the prerequisite missions ("Venom's Vengeance" and "Avengers History").

  • Fixed missing minimap icon on Green Goblin (boss).

  • Updated the translation in the Ultimate power tab when playing in Spanish to prevent the text from being cut off.

  • Updated the translation of the Fundamentals and Crafting sections of the Help menu when playing in French, German or Spanish.

  • The news panel will now show up regardless of what area you initially log into (e.g. Avenger’s Tower, S.H.I.E.L.D. Training Room, etc).

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