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That new Legendary (Blade of Muramasa) is sick for Moonie

MrKnightMrKnight West Coast PSTPosts: 108 Incredible

Finally a specific Legendary for Bleed Characters!
2k damage versus Bleed target among other goodies!
Ill try to upload a Screen.

PSN: MoonKnite114


  • RidethelightninRidethelightnin Posts: 299 Amazing

    Where do you get it my Moonie is at 56 and almost 60

  • MrKnightMrKnight West Coast PSTPosts: 108 Incredible

    Avengers tower from Clea

    PSN: MoonKnite114

  • RidethelightninRidethelightnin Posts: 299 Amazing

    Thank you fellow moonie.

  • wotrickwotrick 3 fingers of scotch and 3 fingers in my ****Posts: 20 Mighty


  • The Parabolic PandaThe Parabolic Panda Assembled Posts: 69 Mighty

    That sounds sweet. I remember on PC using Doomsaw, Ultimate Nullifier, and other stay boosters to make Moon Knight a Brutal Hit machine. It'll be cool to focus more on his bleed mechanic this time around.

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