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[PS4] Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Patch 1.02

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Story Mode Changes

  • Increased Story Mode XP rewards slightly to better match expected level progression through each Chapter.

  • Reduced the number of XP orbs players need to pick up after completing a Discovery event. Overall XP received is unchanged.

  • Reduced the healing done by Hand Sorcerers encountered during the Elektra boss battle in Chapter 3.

  • Reduced the health of Loki’s illusions during the Loki boss battle in Chapter 9.

  • Reduced the health of the barricades that must be destroyed during the Purifier event within the Morlock Underground region of Chapter 5.

Item Changes

  • Reduced the chance for items to spawn with affixes that the current Hero cannot utilize.

  • Added a new lower cost, entry-level Legendary item “Helm of the All-Father” that can be purchased from Clea in Avenger’s Tower HQ.

  • Adjusted the Damage Rating and Critical Strike Rating values for all ranks on the Norn Stones Legendary item.

  • Medallions no longer bind to Hero when equipped, and can be transferred between any Heroes on your account.

  • Living Laser Medallion has been changed from affecting Teleport powers to Movement powers.

  • Items that previously had damage related bonuses to Stealth powers now grant those bonuses to the Hero upon entering Stealth, rather than when using powers from Stealth.

  • Fixed an issue where the Batroc, Lady Deathstrike and Ultron Medallions were not displaying their proc effects.

  • Fixed an issue where the Magneto Medallion was not increasing orb pickup range as intended.

  • Fixed an issue where the Rhino Medallion was causing Knockback, rather than Knockdown as intended and described in the Medallion tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue where Sabretooth was incorrectly dropping a Cosmic tier Medallion on Normal difficulty in Chapter 7.

  • Fixed various typos on Medallion tooltips.

  • Clarified the Warlock’s Eye Legendary item tooltip to indicate the rank 5 proc targets the enemy’s location, rather than around the Hero.

  • Fixed various issues that resulted in some items not displaying their intended names, or causing some item slots repeating certain displayed names more often than intended (such as Rings of Dark Elf Wounding).

Crafting Changes

  • Reduced the Credit costs on many crafting recipes across all crafting vendors.

  • Reworked the Scientist crafting recipe unlock levels for smoother progression.

  • Added crafting recipes to reroll Cosmic armor, rings and Medallions.

  • Fixed an issue that caused crafting vendors to display as level 1 even if the player had increased that crafting vendor’s level previously.

  • Sorting filters have been added to crafting vendor recipe lists to narrow down the displayed recipes from the crafting vendor’s full available list of recipes.

Hero Changes


  • Whirling Wrath power unlock moved to level 1, Writhing Ribbons to level 6.


  • Friends in Low Places power unlock moved to level 14, Fistful of Ants to level 1.

Black Panther

  • Jungle Snare power unlock moved to level 1, Scything Sweep to level 2, Claw Slash to level 4, Enervating Slash to level 13, Cryo-Dagger to level 19.

  • Fixed an issue where Black Panther could not perform any emotes wearing his default costume.

Black Widow

  • Stinging Shot power unlock moved to level 1, Stinging Strikes to level 6.

  • Fixed an issue where Twilight Cloaking Device was resetting its own cooldown on activation.


  • Pump Action power unlock moved to level 1, Whittle into Kindling to level 2, Glaive Orbit to level 4, Hand Cannon to level 8, Stake Thrower to level 8.

Captain America

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Shield Bash did not update the “Current Bonus” value correctly based on the player’s Deflect Rating.


  • Fixed an issue where the Visor Off power was not granting 50% damage reduction while channeling as intended.

Doctor Strange

  • Fixed an issue where the Ritual Circle Talent buff effect did not work correctly when used by the secondary player during co-op play.


  • Ace of Spades power unlock moved to level 1, Bo Strike to level 4, Bo Vault to level 12, Fold 'Em to level 18.

Ghost Rider

  • Judgment power unlock moved to level 1, Hellfire to level 2, Condemn to level 8, Burn the Treads to level 20.


  • Ice Slick power unlock moved to level 1, Frozen Lance to level 2, Frozen Orb to level 4, Ice Beam to level 8.

Iron Fist

  • Fixed an issue where Seven-Sided Strike would in some cases damage multiple targets with a single hit.

Iron Man

  • Micro-Missiles power unlock moved to level 1, UniBeam to level 2, Voltaic Punch to level 6, Jet-Assisted Slam to level 8.

  • Updated the UI icon for Iron Man’s attack & move speed buff after using Hyper-Velocity Charge.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Iron Man’s Hero Synergy to display incorrectly in the Synergies tab.

Jean Grey

  • Telekinetic Throw power unlock moved to level 1, Psychic Lethargy to level 4.


  • Spirit Fangs power unlock moved to level 1, Soul Brand to level 2, Command Lesser Demons to level 6.

Moon Knight

  • Statue of Khonshu power unlock moved to level 1, Nunchuck Bulldoze to level 25.


  • Falling Lotus Strike power unlock moved to level 1, Psionic Assault to level 2, Tsunami Slash to level 4, Ninjutsu Strike to level 8.

Rocket Raccoon

  • M78 PLasma Launcher power unlock moved to level 1, My Friend Groot to level 2.

Scarlet Witch

  • Chaotic Hex power unlock moved to level 1, Hex Sphere to level 4, Chaos Rift to level 8.

Squirrel Girl

  • Squirrel Twirl power unlock moved to level 1, Dire Squirrel to level 2, Sic 'Em! to level 4.

War Machine

  • Bring the Heat power unlock moved to level 1, Limited War to level 2, Plasma Cannon to level 4, Laser Blade Strike to level 6, Suppressing Fire to level 8.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Improvements made to font sizes throughout various UI elements for better readability.

  • Players will now only be required to play through The Raft section of the Prologue once per account. Heroes beyond the first and when Prestiging a level 60 Hero, players will start the Story progression from Chapter 1.

  • Made various improvements to the Mission Tracker and Waypoint UI and menus to better track and communicate current Mission objectives.

  • Slightly lowered the health totals for all Boss rank enemies.

  • Made various minor improvements to couch co-op performance and functionality.

  • Improved performance when the player reaches a new Hero level or enters a new region.

  • Fixed an issue where the S.T.A.S.H. storage did not always display the correct number items that were being stored when returning to the S.T.A.S.H. after having deposited items into storage.

  • Fixed an issue where the loading indicator would not always visibly spin during loading screens.

  • Fixed an issue where a Hero’s dash was not always traveling in the expected direction, including cases caused by certain Cosmic item affixes.

  • Fixed an issue where Mister Hyde and Lizard were not able to drop all of the items on their loot table when defeated within the Danger Room.

  • Fixed an issue where Odin Mark drops were not being increased as intended when the player had a Currency Boost active.

  • Fixed an issue where some powers could not be used as expected when the player would Bodyslide out of a combat area while their resource was regenerating, then used the Bodyslider to return to the combat area.

  • Fixed an issue where mission credit was not always being granted due to power effects damaging nearby enemies while the player was still loading into an area.

  • Fixed an issue where the player could be unable to progress through the Times Square tutorial mission if they logged out before fully completing all mission steps.

  • Fixed an issue where the chat indicator was not appearing for the correct player when joining a party with players playing in co-op.

  • Fixed an issue where the new item notification was not always displaying correctly after switching Heroes during a play session.

  • Fixed an issue where the user’s displayed PSN ID could extend outside the UI element if it contained too many characters.

  • Fixed minor typo within the Danger Room tutorial.

  • Adjusted various environments for lighting improvements.

  • Adjusted the vendor locations within the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier HQ.

  • Various fixes and improvements for French, German and Spanish translation text.

  • Various fixes and improvements for in-game Store performance and functionality.

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