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Marvel Heroes Omega
The Marvel Heroes Omega XB1 and PS4 servers should now be back online. A 10% Experience Bonus will be active until 11:59 PM (PDT) Sunday (8/20) to help make up for the unexpected connectivity issues. Thank you for your patience!

Starter Inventory/Storage Price Cut!

Ahoy-hoy guys,

Thanks to your feedback, we have decided on Friday (June 16) at Noon Pacific, that the starting prices for the inventory/storage prices will be cut in half! You will then be able to carry and store more items for less.

  • Starter Inventory Increase (10 Slots): 200 G (Original Price) - 100 G (New Price)
  • Starter Storage Increase (50 Slots) : 500 G (Original Price) - 250 G (New Price)

Please continue to provide your feedback on all facets of the game! We recently added the option to purchase Ultimate Hero Tokens with Eternity Splinters thanks to your feedback.

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  • DrazharDrazhar Wallcrawler Posts: 111 Incredible
    edited June 15

    @KomoriMan said:

    @Drazhar said:
    Well that's good news, but how does this affect those who already purchased stash/inventory space?

    I haven't myself, but I would be annoyed if I had and I don't get refunded the difference.

    Sorry but we are not issuing refunds or price protection at this time.

    Well, that sucks for those who purchased it, but I can imagine it would be a lot of man hours on your end if you had to individually refund everyone.

    Definitely better to make the change than not.

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