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Captain Marvel Feedback Thread

Hey folks,

This thread is specifically for any Captain Marvel feedback you may want to share with the developers based on your experience during Closed Beta.

If you’re unsure what type of feedback to offer, here are some questions to think about based on your experience with this hero:

  • Were there any powers that you found yourself preferring over other powers, or any powers that you disliked using? What about those powers did you find yourself liking or disliking compared to other powers?

  • Were there any powers that weren’t clear or didn’t work like you expected after reading the power’s tooltip?

  • Were there any powers that you felt were particularly difficult to use with the gamepad controls?

  • If you have reached a high enough level to unlock Talents for this hero, were there any Talents that you found too powerful, or too weak relative to other Talents in that tier?

  • While leveling and unlocking new powers, were there powers that you felt should have unlocked earlier in level progression? In the earliest levels, did you feel that you were lacking a specific type of power that made leveling that hero less fun (such as not having enough area-of-effect powers to deal with groups, not having enough single target powers to effectively fight more dangerous boss enemies, etc)?

  • How did you feel about the hero’s resource usage? Were you having difficulty maintaining resources, or felt like you always had too much resource and not enough ways to use it?

These are just some ideas to consider - you’re welcome to share any kind of feedback you feel is worth telling us!

Note that if you encountered any outright bugs with this hero, please feel free to report those issues here in the Bug Report forums:

Please put [Captain Marvel] at the start of your thread subject when reporting bugs for this hero specifically so it is easier for our developers to collect and assess your bug reports more quickly. You can check out our Bug Report Formatting thread for more information on the best way to report any bugs you may encounter during Closed Beta:



  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 152 Incredible

    she is a top 3 comic book character for me...do her justice please! here are my issues:

    1. PHOTONIC DEVASTATION! how are we supposed to use this? it isn't viable at all! it costs way too much, and damage is too low...any loadout it is used in, she runs out of power. please add it to the talent that removes the spirit cost

    2. her ranged loadout needs some work...the powers could use some visual flair when it impacts the enemy...intense light could do with a larger diameter...photon bomb should have a much larger explosion...most importantly, because of how the talents work, she runs out of spirit fast because she has to use the stomp in her rotation, and it brings her spirit to 0.

    3. make stellar flare great again! I loved this power before the BUE...it wasn't a channeled power...it was an instant high impact power that definitely reminded me of Carol...as it stands right now, it is a really bad power...please return it to it's glory so melee loadouts have more options...because right now there isnt much of a choice...her builds are too rigid because of either the functionality of her powers, or the location of talents

    last, but not least...her sig. it is a bit boring...do one that is similar to the current stellar flare...where she pulls in all enemies as she charges up (bosses too), then explodes them away. anything is better than a pulsing halo...

  • SupergiantStarrSupergiantStarr Posts: 3 New Agent

    Crashdown Strike can be difficult to use in a rotation. I'm not sure if it's a universal problem with all smash attacks, but whenever I'm near an enemy (most times a boss), using this ability will turn me around.

    This makes me face away from the enemy and miss the next one or two attacks in my rotation until I correct myself. It's a minor annoyance but I want to enjoy playing Captain Marvel as much as I can!

  • GrukaneshGrukanesh TexasPosts: 1 New Agent

    I've got a level 60 captain marvel, and she's also my main on the pc version. I feel like the power rotation and gear selections are very similar to the pc, but it also seems like she's not as powerful as she ought to be. I have full level 60 cosmics and advanced artifacts on, but she takes longer to kill trash mobs than my level 11 Spider-Man and my level 10 Star Lord on normal patrol. I don't know if there's level scaling going on here, but any level 60 ought to have a better ttk than any level 10 in my opinion. Please make sure that captain marvel feels more powerful, and do her the justice she deserves.

  • brad2240brad2240 Posts: 288 Amazing

    Leveling Captain Marvel as a ranged build was a tedious and frustrating experience.

    Unlike other hybrid heroes with melee and ranged skill trees, CM's Photonics tree seems designed only as support for her melee skills rather than a valid build in its own right. All her ranged options are just too expensive to make a pure blaster build.

    As someone who likes channeled beam powers, I really wanted to build around Photonic Devastation, its a fun and beautifully animated skill. But it feels impossible. Killing a simple white trash mob takes half a bar of Photonic Energy or more, far more than Iron Man or Nova, for example, using channeled beams. Taking Photonic Regeneration at level 32 barely helped.

    To make matters worse, the Photonic Resonance talent at level 38 makes PD even more expensive and even less efficient than it was prior to Photonic Regen at 32. On top of increasing the cost of the also-expensive Photonic Wave. But it's the only remotely useful pick in row 2 for a ranged build. I actually feel I would be better off not taking a talent there at all.

    In the end, I was using Infused Uppercut, Radiant Cascade and Crashdown Strike with the Starfall talent to support PD, all unwanted melee-range powers. And still it had sub-par damage and no real sustainability for all that effort. Other ranged heroes have similar or greater damage output with channeled powers without such resource nightmares. Unfortunately I ended up dropping PD altogether.

    Stellar Beam and Photonic Blast are barely better in functionality while being much worse aesthetically. PB does little damage and should be a free basic attack from level 1. And its sound effect becomes rather grating after using it for a few hours. Stellar Beam is decent and feels like the only way to make a pure ranged build work, and even then only after taking Conservation at level 56. Personally I think that's too long to wait to make a viable build.

    Also, Stellar Beam looks too much like Photonic Blast. It should be more of an actual beam, similar to Iron Man's Repulsor Blast or Iceman's Chilblain. I think that visual change would make a CM ranged build at least appealing to look at.

    I love Captain Marvel in the comics and she was one of the first characters I unlocked in the game. But playing her the way I want to feels like a lost cause and, honestly, I have no plans to unlock her again after open beta starts.

    "If you get hurt, hurt 'em back. If you get killed, walk it off." -Captain America

  • masterzahcmasterzahc Askani'son Concrete JunglePosts: 73 Mighty

    Stellar beam and photonic blast is way too similar. Please combine these powers or make one more unique. Stellar beam should look more like a beam for sure!

  • undeadflepundeadflep Posts: 11 Mighty

    I just think she need some work. Her damage output is way to low, she dies to fast even with good equipment, and she doesn't really have a reliable build for melee/tank. Also, her ranged build is erratic at working. Captain Marvel is my favorite character, and I would love to see her become the real superhero she is meant to be.

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 152 Incredible
    edited June 8

    She needs more work on being an AOE tank...and she needs build variety...she only has one viable melee build, and one BARELY viable ranged

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