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Captain Marvel Feedback Thread

Hey folks,

This thread is specifically for any Captain Marvel feedback you may want to share with the developers based on your experience during Closed Beta.

If you’re unsure what type of feedback to offer, here are some questions to think about based on your experience with this hero:

  • Were there any powers that you found yourself preferring over other powers, or any powers that you disliked using? What about those powers did you find yourself liking or disliking compared to other powers?

  • Were there any powers that weren’t clear or didn’t work like you expected after reading the power’s tooltip?

  • Were there any powers that you felt were particularly difficult to use with the gamepad controls?

  • If you have reached a high enough level to unlock Talents for this hero, were there any Talents that you found too powerful, or too weak relative to other Talents in that tier?

  • While leveling and unlocking new powers, were there powers that you felt should have unlocked earlier in level progression? In the earliest levels, did you feel that you were lacking a specific type of power that made leveling that hero less fun (such as not having enough area-of-effect powers to deal with groups, not having enough single target powers to effectively fight more dangerous boss enemies, etc)?

  • How did you feel about the hero’s resource usage? Were you having difficulty maintaining resources, or felt like you always had too much resource and not enough ways to use it?

These are just some ideas to consider - you’re welcome to share any kind of feedback you feel is worth telling us!

Note that if you encountered any outright bugs with this hero, please feel free to report those issues here in the Bug Report forums:

Please put [Captain Marvel] at the start of your thread subject when reporting bugs for this hero specifically so it is easier for our developers to collect and assess your bug reports more quickly. You can check out our Bug Report Formatting thread for more information on the best way to report any bugs you may encounter during Closed Beta:



  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 339 Amazing

    she is a top 3 comic book character for me...do her justice please! here are my issues:

    1. PHOTONIC DEVASTATION! how are we supposed to use this? it isn't viable at all! it costs way too much, and damage is too low...any loadout it is used in, she runs out of power. please add it to the talent that removes the spirit cost

    2. her ranged loadout needs some work...the powers could use some visual flair when it impacts the enemy...intense light could do with a larger diameter...photon bomb should have a much larger explosion...most importantly, because of how the talents work, she runs out of spirit fast because she has to use the stomp in her rotation, and it brings her spirit to 0.

    3. make stellar flare great again! I loved this power before the BUE...it wasn't a channeled power...it was an instant high impact power that definitely reminded me of Carol...as it stands right now, it is a really bad power...please return it to it's glory so melee loadouts have more options...because right now there isnt much of a choice...her builds are too rigid because of either the functionality of her powers, or the location of talents

    last, but not least...her sig. it is a bit boring...do one that is similar to the current stellar flare...where she pulls in all enemies as she charges up (bosses too), then explodes them away. anything is better than a pulsing halo...

  • SupergiantStarrSupergiantStarr Posts: 3 New Agent

    Crashdown Strike can be difficult to use in a rotation. I'm not sure if it's a universal problem with all smash attacks, but whenever I'm near an enemy (most times a boss), using this ability will turn me around.

    This makes me face away from the enemy and miss the next one or two attacks in my rotation until I correct myself. It's a minor annoyance but I want to enjoy playing Captain Marvel as much as I can!

  • GrukaneshGrukanesh TexasPosts: 1 New Agent

    I've got a level 60 captain marvel, and she's also my main on the pc version. I feel like the power rotation and gear selections are very similar to the pc, but it also seems like she's not as powerful as she ought to be. I have full level 60 cosmics and advanced artifacts on, but she takes longer to kill trash mobs than my level 11 Spider-Man and my level 10 Star Lord on normal patrol. I don't know if there's level scaling going on here, but any level 60 ought to have a better ttk than any level 10 in my opinion. Please make sure that captain marvel feels more powerful, and do her the justice she deserves.

  • brad2240brad2240 Posts: 626 Amazing

    Leveling Captain Marvel as a ranged build was a tedious and frustrating experience.

    Unlike other hybrid heroes with melee and ranged skill trees, CM's Photonics tree seems designed only as support for her melee skills rather than a valid build in its own right. All her ranged options are just too expensive to make a pure blaster build.

    As someone who likes channeled beam powers, I really wanted to build around Photonic Devastation, its a fun and beautifully animated skill. But it feels impossible. Killing a simple white trash mob takes half a bar of Photonic Energy or more, far more than Iron Man or Nova, for example, using channeled beams. Taking Photonic Regeneration at level 32 barely helped.

    To make matters worse, the Photonic Resonance talent at level 38 makes PD even more expensive and even less efficient than it was prior to Photonic Regen at 32. On top of increasing the cost of the also-expensive Photonic Wave. But it's the only remotely useful pick in row 2 for a ranged build. I actually feel I would be better off not taking a talent there at all.

    In the end, I was using Infused Uppercut, Radiant Cascade and Crashdown Strike with the Starfall talent to support PD, all unwanted melee-range powers. And still it had sub-par damage and no real sustainability for all that effort. Other ranged heroes have similar or greater damage output with channeled powers without such resource nightmares. Unfortunately I ended up dropping PD altogether.

    Stellar Beam and Photonic Blast are barely better in functionality while being much worse aesthetically. PB does little damage and should be a free basic attack from level 1. And its sound effect becomes rather grating after using it for a few hours. Stellar Beam is decent and feels like the only way to make a pure ranged build work, and even then only after taking Conservation at level 56. Personally I think that's too long to wait to make a viable build.

    Also, Stellar Beam looks too much like Photonic Blast. It should be more of an actual beam, similar to Iron Man's Repulsor Blast or Iceman's Chilblain. I think that visual change would make a CM ranged build at least appealing to look at.

    I love Captain Marvel in the comics and she was one of the first characters I unlocked in the game. But playing her the way I want to feels like a lost cause and, honestly, I have no plans to unlock her again after open beta starts.


    "If you get hurt, hurt 'em back. If you get killed, walk it off." -Captain America

  • masterzahcmasterzahc Askani'son Concrete JunglePosts: 131 Incredible

    Stellar beam and photonic blast is way too similar. Please combine these powers or make one more unique. Stellar beam should look more like a beam for sure!

  • undeadflepundeadflep Posts: 28 Mighty

    I just think she need some work. Her damage output is way to low, she dies to fast even with good equipment, and she doesn't really have a reliable build for melee/tank. Also, her ranged build is erratic at working. Captain Marvel is my favorite character, and I would love to see her become the real superhero she is meant to be.

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 339 Amazing
    edited June 8

    She needs more work on being an AOE tank...and she needs build variety...she only has one viable melee build, and one BARELY viable ranged

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 339 Amazing

    i wish she had about 2 more huge area damage movement powers...fits her style...

    1. one can be a dash to target where when she hits, it lets of a HUGE energy shockwave (about the same area of stellar flare) that knocks down enemies
    2. make evasive blast have a shockwave and higher damage

    just some general ideas to make her better:

    1. increase damage and reduce cost of photonic devastation
    2. work on a truly ranged captain marvel that is viable...and give her beams some better viauals
    3. hame her dialogue more fitting for the character, especially with her movie coming up...Carol LOVES to fight...she damn near looks for any excuse to fight, and she is super confident and headstrong...have her acknowledge war machine as her boyfriend (i have never heard her do this in game, so not sure if dialogue even exists)
    4. make her more tanky
  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 339 Amazing

    Photonic Devastation needs some improved visuals...some photons whirring around the beam or somethng...give it more life...mske it more interesting to look at

  • ElecManEXEElecManEXE Posts: 215 Amazing

    Some thoughts about some of Captain Marvel's skills and traits from someone using a ranged build....

    • The Stellar Flare trait, the one that makes it use all your Photonic energy for bonus damage... its bad. It doesn't do nearly enough bonus damage to justify using all your energy. Like, I really wanted to use this trait, the idea of having a "pull and nuke" attack was really appealing to me, but its just not worth it no matter what you do. You can crank up your max energy for more damage, its still not going to be enough. Can't even 1-shot most basic enemies on Cosmic difficulty. It should either give the current bonus damage but NOT drain your energy, or the bonus damage needs to be cranked up greatly to the point where it actually justifies that cost. Also, on the subject of Stellar Flare, it'd be nice if the channel either gave you some damage resistance, slowed enemies, did some minor damage to enemies, something.

    • Intense Light. What is with this attack? The energy cost is ridiculously high, but the damage is just "OK" and it has zero extra effects. No debuffs, no bonus damage, no crit, nothing. No traits affect it. It really needs something more to it. My personal suggestion would be to give it a "bonus damage based on max photonic energy" aspect, since that's kind of one of Captain Marvel's unique traits, but none of her ranged attacks have it, leaving ranged builds lacking that unique trait. So that would fill a niche of having a ranged "max photonic energy" attack, and give the attack itself a damage boost that would come in handy. Even with that, though, I'd probably still lower the energy cost a bit as well.

    • The trait that changes Photonic Blast into Photonic Bomb needs to interact with her Conservation trait and let the two traits work together. Because right now it literally does nothing at all to slot the two together. Conservation gives a 15% boosted crit chance (description of the trait says it gives 15% brutal, BUT on the skills when traited it says critical, so I'm assuming the trait description is a typo). Which is nice when you're using Photonic Blast, but Photonic Bomb already 100% crits, so that's wasted. The description literally has 100% Critical Chance, then right under it "+15% Critical Hit Chance". And it doesn't reduce the cost at all once you switch over to Photonic Bomb.

    Compare that to, say, Kitty Pryde. She has two traits that alter Quicksand, one that turns it into a Sword power (Shadowcat's Pirouette) and one that increases damage but limits channel time and gives it a cooldown. When you slot both of those traits together, the second trait actually changes its effects, now applying to Shadowcat's Pirouette, giving it charges, increased damage, and no channel. Completely different effects on the trait when you're using the trait that changes the attack. So the tech is there for one trait to change its effects if another trait that changes an attack is active.

    This needs to apply here on Captain Marvel as well. Slotting two traits together shouldn't make one trait null and void, traits are a big decision and having two that cancel each other out in any way is really bad. The Conservation trait needs to change its effects if you're using Photonic Bomb. I'd personally suggest actually giving that 15% brutal strike chance boost when using Photonic Bomb, and perhaps a 2 second cooldown reduction (since a 0-cost on that skill seems a bit broken).

    • Evasive Blast is buggy. Sometimes it just stops working on enemies after a while. All of a sudden it won't knock them away or slow them down. I guess maybe its intentional to keep you from pinballing enemies away from you non-stop, but then other characters can permanently CC enemies just fine, so that doesn't really seem fair if its intentional.

    • Photonic Devestation sucks. Its got absolutely awful damage output compared to pretty much any other channeled beam on any other character. And the energy cost is so high it drains your reserves like they're nothing to boot. It desperately needs a damage boost, because right now Stellar Beam actually does more DPS, with 0 photonic energy cost and a handy 15% crit chance to boot, when the traits for both attacks are active. A channeled beam that locks you in place and saps your energy so fast needs to be far stronger than this.

  • JacjazzJacjazz Posts: 17 Mighty
    edited August 12

    If I remember correctly in the comics she can absorb all forms of energy, why not make it so 25% of all damage is turned in photonic energy and she takes 25% less damage from attacks. That would most likely solve her gluttony on photonic energy and make her feel very tanky. Just my two cents. I love the games and I think the devs have done a fantastic job on it, I hope they keep up the amazing work.

    I am in my own dark corner of the world, it is so much fun, it is like my happy place.

  • PhenomStarPhenomStar Fatale ArizonaPosts: 32 Mighty

    OK I will start off by saying 1) I'm kinda upset at the forums right now because I wrote this whole thing, it posted, and went to edit because some of the bullet points were messed up... and then got told the comment would post after approval and I lost the WHOLE thing. This happened also when I tried to post on the Jean Grey feedback and was only able to post after I removed a paragraph and re-wrote it. So I apologize if I don't give as much explanation -_- What's going on? 2) I've been playing Captain Marvel since Day 1 of the Marvel Heroes beta way back when on PC so I've seen her go through some changes.

    * Energy Absorption The damage reduction doesn't seem to help much with making her tanky. Maybe Health on Hit instead?
    * Photonic Energy Her resource is really hard to mange, from Early to End game. Some items and talents and infinity points help, but I'd think it would be better closer to what it used to be pre-Omega. Have her regenerate resource when she takes/deals damage, and have some abilites do extra Energy damage based on it and have some abilities spend it for extra bursts of damage. Put it more in the players control.

    * Mighty Punch Pretty much a must have for a long time as the only non-cooldown way of restoring resource in a fight. Doesn't necesarily mean it's the greatest.
    * Infused Uppercut This seems to have changed to a spender rather than a generator of resource. SCARY! It was standard in my levelling experience as a way to restore resource... and now I only imagine that her resource is even harder to manage early on!
    * RoundHouse Kick I've never much liked this ability, even preOmega. And the resource cost (50%!!) made it very unattractive.
    * Crashdown Strike Always have loved this ability even since she first got it. Still love it!
    * Ground Shattering Smash I didn't make use of this when I first got it. It's pretty much an opener and how are you gonna open a fight with ZERO resource when everything you do (except mighty punch eyeroll) requires it?
    * Cosmic Challenge I don't make use of this, even for the health regen. It seems more like a Photonics ability tho given that it blasts light energy. Carol isn't too tanky tho so forcing the aggro on her isn't a good place to be in.

    * Photonic Wave Early on you can get this off several times before you have to start Mighty Punching. Still a fun ability to have around even in Late game.
    * Photonic Blast This one is a staple for a long time because it's energy use is just around your regen rate, so you don't feel like your running out super quick with it. However, with other abilities that DO use up your PE when you're low you're not getting this one off either. Kind of a bummer for Ranged/Hybrid players as you're essentially stuck Mighty Punch-ing for a long time throughout the leveling experience.
    * Photonic Devastation This one is one of and always has been one of my favorite abilities. It looks great! However, it seems to use up A LOT of resource given that (Early-Late game) it does just a smidgen more damage than Photonic Blast. Pretty much you get to use it for a second or two... and than you're back to Mighty Punch-ing.
    * Evasive Blast I remember not liking this much preOmega, but I actually have made use of it postOmega. However, only in the End game as AGAIN throughout levelling her resource management is pretty icky so the trade off with this one means you can't use other things.
    * Radiant Cascade A must have, not even for the damage, but for the resource regen! The dmg resistance is also nice but mostly it's all about the resource regen.
    * Stellar Flare Is erm less than stellar. The animation is cool, but it doesn't seem very Carol. I would prefer to see an abilit where she flies around punching enemies (move it to Brawling, move Cosmic Challenge over to Photonics). Either have it restore PE with each hit OR if you change her resource it could do extra damage with her resource in some way (either passively or by spending it). It would be like other heroes that have an ability that is powerful enough to almost be a second signature.
    * Stellar Beam This ablity is nice and by the time you get it you CAN swap it out for Photonic Blast and the extra resource cost isn't THAT bad, but you definitely cannot spam it like you can Blast.
    * Intense Light Have liked this ability since I've seen it and got it and have never gotten rid of it.
    * Glimpse Of Binary Really cool! Fire effects are awesome, and it's great to have moments of not having to worry as much about her resource.

    * Photonic Regeneration/Absorption/Empowerment Regeneration seems like a must have. Carol isn't that tanky and her resource is such a struggle to manage. I'd like to use Empowerment but I feel pretty much stuck with Regeneration, especially Mid-Late game.
    * Sparklefists/Resonance/Flare Sparklefists is such a cool effect I used it even before I started using Haymaker. I don't use Mighty Punch but it's sad that her only basic non-cooldown PE restorer gets removed. I eventually switched Uppercut for Haymaker (once I got other talents back when Uppercut was an energy regenerator) and it's a great ability. Flare doesn't improve Stellar Flare much, as others have said.
    * Photonic Bomb/Starfall/Warbird Assault Bomb looks great, but you esentially lose the "practically a basic" beam for just another ability to spend resource on. Starfall is pretty much a requirement to manage her resource as she has what only three other abilities (after losing Uppercut) that can restore it. I don't use Charge so the last one was a non-starter for me.
    * Too Close/Fusion/Cry I started with Cry because I liked the bonuses and I thought they comboed with Devastation. However I switched to Fusion as the extra resource REALLY makes you feel awesome and it comboes with Haymaker so well. Never touched Too Close as the other two are way more attractive given Carol's issues with resource management.
    * Ground Shattering/Synthesis/Conservation You'd think after all my complaints, Conservation would be an automatic pick. However, by the time you get it you have other ways of managing resource and I use Devastation as my main-beam. Synthesis is my pick for the extra pulses of regeneration and damage mitigation. I didn't use Ground Shattering so the resource cost was a non-issue, but now that I do use it as an opener I just Starfall(Crashdown) afterwards and don't worry about it's cost. The extra regen with Synthesis is also really nice to combo with other abilities, so it's hard arguing to remove resource cost at this point of the game.

    Overall, Captain Marvel takes time to grow into. She doesn't start out feeling like the mobile blasting brawler we know she is, and even at End Game sometimes she feels a bit underpowered. Compared to say Ice Man who I never had issues keeping alive and doling out damage. I think changing her traits would go a long way to beefing her up without requiring too many massive changes to her powers or her kit and really free up players who want to play her different play styles (Ranged/Hybrid/Melee) right out the gate. Thanks for reading!

  • brad2240brad2240 Posts: 626 Amazing

    @PhenomStar a tip for posting on these forums: any time you make a large post and then have to edit it, highlight the whole text and copy it. I made the mistake of not doing this and lost a guide I wrote for Hawkeye that took me about two and half hours to write. :'(

    @PhenomStar said:

    • Infused Uppercut This seems to have changed to a spender rather than a generator of resource. SCARY! It was standard in my levelling experience as a way to restore resource... and now I only imagine that her resource is even harder to manage early on!

    Infused Uppercut still regenerates Photonic Energy, 50% on use. After reading your post I went straight to the training room to test it and it still works as it always has.

    As to resource management, I found it to be pretty rough leveling up, and Captain Marvel in general to not be the greatest leveling experience because of it, but it becomes rather easy in post-60 gameplay. I currently have a Completel Gibborim Relic, rank 4 of the Cosmic Control Rod, and 50 Infinity points invested in extra resource and with these I can maintain Photonic Devastation (with Resonance talent) for 6-8 seconds, the length of time it takes to restart my rotation.


    "If you get hurt, hurt 'em back. If you get killed, walk it off." -Captain America

  • PhenomStarPhenomStar Fatale ArizonaPosts: 32 Mighty

    @brad2240 said:
    Infused Uppercut still regenerates Photonic Energy, 50% on use. After reading your post I went straight to the training room to test it and it still works as it always has.

    Thanks for clarifying! I didnt test it out as I was writing, just read through it. That's good to know.

    As to resource management, I found it to be pretty rough leveling up, and Captain Marvel in general to not be the greatest leveling experience because of it, but it becomes rather easy in post-60 gameplay. I currently have a Completel Gibborim Relic, rank 4 of the Cosmic Control Rod, and 50 Infinity points invested in extra resource and with these I can maintain Photonic Devastation (with Resonance talent) for 6-8 seconds, the length of time it takes to restart my rotation.

    Agreed! Much easier in End Game. I can essentially spam Devastation before restarting rotation. I use the Advanced Krystal of Kadevus(sp) so sometimes I dont have to restart the roation right away. Havent tried it with Resonance on yet. But from 1-60, her resource management is less fun as far as gameplay is concerned, and even in end game I feel like I'm locked into certain talents and powers because of it.

  • PhenomStarPhenomStar Fatale ArizonaPosts: 32 Mighty

    After prestiging a couple heroes and coming back to CM ... gotta say I think she's in a worse spot than I initially thought. I have the 2nd level of Cosmic Control Rod and several cosmic items, but still am struggling with the Cosmic trial. In comparison, heroes like Kitty and Iceman had no troubles and seem to have much higher survivability all while being able to melt both groups and single targets.

    I feel like her kit doesn't know what it wants to be. Is she a melee bruiser or a mobile ranged? Most people I've seen say her melee builds have more damage output than her ranged, and with Radiant and Crashdown being pretty much universally necessary you can only ever be a hybrid. I think her traits need a bit of retooling. Energy Absorption, for instane, has 8% damage reduction after melee hit but some heroes get this same 8% all the time. To make her more friendly to range-heavy builds, this should be all the time also. I think she'd also benefit from some sort of health on hit or passive health regen, which some heroes that aren't known for having a healing factor (which Carol is) have.

    Also, I miss her Photonic Energy incarnation from PC where she had 10 bips and as each bip filled you'd get passive bonus. I think reinstating something like that, where each bip gave say 0.5-1% increased damage and damage reduction would be helpful. She'd still have abilities that would spend it, either 1, 5, or all 10 bips for increased effectiveness. I think it would be better for her to regenerate it when being hit or hitting things, and then the talents that she has now can either increase that rate or just add the passive background rate like they do now. Maybe to balance it should also run out over time or something, depending on how many abilities she'll have that are still spenders. Or something. I don't know lol I'm just throwing out an idea here.

    Photonic Devastation, after some calculations, is still using too much PE based on how much damge it does. Especially now that they've changed Stellar Beam so it doesnt lose damage after each hit enemy, that ability can do much more damage. Based on my items and builds, when you include a 20% increased attack speed, Devastation does 25k/second, while Stellar will do 20-28k/second for a THIRD of the cost! When you factor the talent that makes it free AND adds 25% Crit/Brutal chance there's no way Devastation is doing more damage. It does have a bit more range, but not much.

    I also can't say that I like her Ultimate. I understand they didn't want it to just be a beefed up version of her Signature, but that's basically what it is lol and when has CM ever summoned a star? It's very out of character for her.

    Overall, I'm kinda bummed. Especially for a character that's going to be having a movie, which would ostensibly drive people to play the character, she seems pretty weak in terms of damage output and survivability. Compare that to, again Kitty or Iceman, who have no issues with surviving AND melting both large groups and solo targets.

    Hopefully she can get some tweaks so I can start Prestiging her!

  • brad2240brad2240 Posts: 626 Amazing

    @PhenomStar said:
    Energy Absorption, for instane, has 8% damage reduction after melee hit but some heroes get this same 8% all the time. To make her more friendly to range-heavy builds, this should be all the time also.

    Just to point out, it's standard across all characters that hybrids get the damage reduction for 3 seconds after a melee hit. Only pure brawlers like Hulk and Daredevil, for example, get it full time. I don't see that changing. Honestly, it's not that great anyway because the real threats are still the one-shot kills.


    "If you get hurt, hurt 'em back. If you get killed, walk it off." -Captain America

  • Punk870Punk870 Posts: 16 Mighty

    Why doesn't her sparkle fist make her melee attacks energy based?

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