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Signature Thoughts

BoomerPheonixBoomerPheonix Posts: 6 New Agent

Just wanna hear your thoughts on Angela's signature Nothing For Nothing. For me, it's damage is a bit weak and its an awkward skill to use.


  • Casper88Casper88 Pennsylvania Posts: 35 Mighty

    def will be going this route on the console. 90% of the time so far i just get one hit and then dash in the same direction again for no damage.

  • BloodQuakeBloodQuake AsgardiaPosts: 31 Mighty

    I like the idea of her signature but I feel like it should just be a rush move. Instead of having to click it 3 times use it once and it will just go through all it's phases. Just a thought.

  • AgentYetiAgentYeti Posts: 731 Amazing

    Personally I really like the signature! I like that it has three separate attacks so if the first hit kills a bunch of mobs I can redirect the other hits. It's also very powerful! My Ichor's Wrath normally hit's for anywhere from 290k-400k but today while I was fighting Ultron Prime in Cosmic Operations my Nothing For Nothing hit for 1.2 million!!! For those of you saying it's weak are you sure you're looking at the numbers its putting out?

  • EchosaurusEchosaurus Posts: 22 Mighty

    I like it because you can use the 3/4 attacks within a time limit, even switching targets. I run Gorgon's Medallion so I can keep a target or multiple targets stoned longer than with other characters. As far as having trouble hitting, I haven't had a problem when locked on and not spamming the button.

  • VakaliVakali True Believer CAPosts: 213 Amazing

    I'm button mashing too much and I miss on 2 of the hits. If I focus I can make it work sometimes but its clunky.

  • Stan759Stan759 Posts: 9 Mighty

    I found it easier to use by locking on my target and every attempt hits. I do recall at times it does not do as much damage compared to my other moves. I do find it hitting hard if my critical damage is up high.

    Thanks for the Ult. Nullifier I will be doing decent critical damage and brutal damage.

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