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Blade Feedback Thread

Hey folks,

This thread is specifically for any Blade feedback you may want to share with the developers based on your experience during Closed Beta.

If you’re unsure what type of feedback to offer, here are some questions to think about based on your experience with this hero:

  • Were there any powers that you found yourself preferring over other powers, or any powers that you disliked using? What about those powers did you find yourself liking or disliking compared to other powers?

  • Were there any powers that weren’t clear or didn’t work like you expected after reading the power’s tooltip?

  • Were there any powers that you felt were particularly difficult to use with the gamepad controls?

  • If you have reached a high enough level to unlock Talents for this hero, were there any Talents that you found too powerful, or too weak relative to other Talents in that tier?

  • While leveling and unlocking new powers, were there powers that you felt should have unlocked earlier in level progression? In the earliest levels, did you feel that you were lacking a specific type of power that made leveling that hero less fun (such as not having enough area-of-effect powers to deal with groups, not having enough single target powers to effectively fight more dangerous boss enemies, etc)?

  • How did you feel about the hero’s resource usage? Were you having difficulty maintaining resources, or felt like you always had too much resource and not enough ways to use it?

These are just some ideas to consider - you’re welcome to share any kind of feedback you feel is worth telling us!

Note that if you encountered any outright bugs with this hero, please feel free to report those issues here in the Bug Report forums:

Please put [Blade] at the start of your thread subject when reporting bugs for this hero specifically so it is easier for our developers to collect and assess your bug reports more quickly. You can check out our Bug Report Formatting thread for more information on the best way to report any bugs you may encounter during Closed Beta:



  • TrinityXRevolverTrinityXRevolver Posts: 1 New Agent

    Hi I have been looking forward to playing this game on console for years.....I actually signed up in August 2013 but now that Im finally seeing my wishes come true I am some what at a lack of excitement....I'm a huge Black Panther, Moon Knight and Blade fan probably the biggest and as I play in the closed PS4 beta I'm trying to understand why these characters have really bad cosmetic visuals especially Blade??? I see he is heavily inspired by the movie yet doesn't have the Epic movie look...at first I was going to go to the Moon Knight feedback to ask why he doesn't have the Vengeance look from the comics but has the weapons​ or why he doesn't travel on a glider like goblin but I'm much more use the opportunity to plead for a change in Blade.... Please if you are pay attention or Actually looking at feedback ​please please give Blade the Visual upgrade he deserves and please don't try to charge us for it the prices are already expensive considering the synergize fee and after all it's his basic look I'm begging to be updated..... please give us or me the Blade we all love:
    All black outfit, no ugly ammo strap across his chest, red trim, Black Shades, not so bulky figure, Actual basic badass kicks and punches (blade is a master at hand to hand combat), cool hair cut with the tattoos (for god sake don't make him bald), and just over all do not try to charge for a look Blade should had naturally had ....Thank you


  • akidnamedcamakidnamedcam Posts: 2 New Agent

    I feel that Blade is very strong in this game. He's fun, his resource (thirst) management in my opinion holds one of the higher learning curves in the game and his move set is ridiculously cool, especially since most of his moves are from the movies.

    My only complaints with Blade have to do with his AoE effectiveness and his health. Health wise he could use a boost. AoE wise I'm not sure what can be done as I don't think he was intended to be an AoE character as much as a single target character. But overall he is really fun.

  • GarypinouGarypinou Posts: 17 Mighty

    Blade is very fun and his thirst mechanic is an interesting resource system.

    When using his "Never sated" talent, it would be nice to have an icon displaying the number of stack of bloodlust he has.

  • ARandomBlackGuyARandomBlackGuy Posts: 20 Mighty

    @Garypinou said:
    Blade is very fun and his thirst mechanic is an interesting resource system.

    When using his "Never sated" talent, it would be nice to have an icon displaying the number of stack of bloodlust he has.


  • xXShynXxxXShynXx New JerseyPosts: 17 Mighty

    @Garypinou said:
    Blade is very fun and his thirst mechanic is an interesting resource system.

    When using his "Never sated" talent, it would be nice to have an icon displaying the number of stack of bloodlust he has.

    You took the words right out of my mouth cus i have no clue when i have 10stacks so i can do my rotation. That's all he needs imo everything else is awesome both of his sigs look great. He reminds me of wolvy as in he is amazing at single target dmg/boss killer but unlike wolvy he have great aoe to clear trash with which is a must for me when i play a melee character.

    Whip lash or unleash glaive is great for clearing out trash/blues. As for elites it's great as well but u will have to use your rotation to fin them off quicker. If your using his melee version of his sig that clears out trash around bosses as well. Yall did a great job with him can't wait for the full game.

  • RidethelightninRidethelightnin Posts: 45 Mighty

    Can we please have a stack counter thank you.

  • JackalackusJackalackus Posts: 6 New Agent

    I agree a Bloodlust stack counter would be very helpful, I've had to start using 'Steady Regimen', because the lack of a Bloodlust counter makes 'Never Sated' unplayable. As a general note a debuff counter on the right hand side of the enemy health bar would also be nice (but only my debuff i don't need to see other peoples).

    His AOE is very powerful, initiate with 'Party Crasher' for decent damage and Vulnerable debuff, then 'Whip Lash' your heart away.

    Visual is a subjective thing, I personally like him and love his 70's costume.

    Keep up the good work Gaz loving the game.

  • DeksamDeksam Posts: 117 Incredible

    Overall an amazingly fun character to play. More characters could benefit from abilities like Whiplash. All of them really. Fix some bugs on him but don't touch his playstyle.. great character.

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