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Finished with Thor!!!

marcellogoesmarcellogoes BrazilPosts: 19 Mighty

Did Thor ruin anything to remove the Leaping Smite from the PS4 and why is it on the PC yet?


  • MidnightRyderMidnightRyder Guardian Flipadelphia Posts: 181 Incredible

    Yeah, I'm done with him too. They basically gutted my build with this update very sad.

  • xxxBANExxxxxxBANExxx Kansas City, MO Posts: 10 Mighty

    I'm back to square one with this update. He isn't as fun as he was before the update.

  • djgeniusvidjgeniusvi your favorite nightclubPosts: 99 Mighty

    very hard to level up...keep running out of odinforce, then i cant perform any powers

  • MidnightRyderMidnightRyder Guardian Flipadelphia Posts: 181 Incredible
    edited May 20

    Looks like they nerfed a lot of heroes with this update. All powers that do CCs or were to visually overbearing got cooldowns added to them.

  • ProtogalaxyProtogalaxy Posts: 5 New Agent

    It's sad for sure. I saw they changed Thor but decided to give him a shot anyway since he was my favorite during closed beta. He pretty much "feels" different to play now. I found a couple builds before I really enjoyed, but with the changes to Talent tree mostly, they are not really viable anymore. I have found builds that work, but I don't enjoy as much. The character just isn't as much fun to play as he was.

  • GreatWhiteNorthGreatWhiteNorth Posts: 5 New Agent

    Took Thor to 60 in close beta and I had a really good ranged Thor build that worked well and had a lot of fun with. Took Thor to 60 again in early access and it was much more of a chore and less fun.

    I can live with the new changes but when they changed the Lightning Hammer talent to actually cost Odinforce it just killed my ranged build. Lightning Hammer is just taking a basic attack and converting it from melee to ranged, no clue why it all of a sudden requires a resource cost, just plain dumb if you ask me.

  • VettVett Posts: 5 New Agent

    Agreed Thor was just fine as he was played him on PC for along time with a great ranged setup. Now he is not fun to play anymore. Please roll him back.

  • NeptunePirateNeptunePirate TexasPosts: 87 Mighty

    He's been my main since early access started. I'm enjoying him quite a bit. Already capped him on second prestige. Built up his deflect rating and kicking butt with him. :)

    PSN ID: NeptunePirate

  • MutantPowerManMutantPowerMan Posts: 135 Incredible

    I'm not liking him as much either: make his main attack generate odenforce or something because waiting for cool downs isn't fun

  • YuuhikoYuuhiko Posts: 1 New Agent

    On pc I mained lady Thor and loved the play-style, Thor was easily one of the most fun for me to play. Since the change for early access though I am not enjoying him even a little. His main attack costs odinforce and all his skills cooldown feel like they take forever and a half to be ready. As soon as I have enough splints I'll be picking a new main.

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