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Infinity Points

DoserDoser Tewkesbury, UKPosts: 1,882 Astonishing

So any idea of where to be spending infinity points for Rocket? Thinking of a summoner type build with turrets and good. Ideally to get through Cosmic Trial and then farm.

I'll probably main Deadpool... or Hulk... actually no I shall main Nova... or Rocket...
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  • LassinatorLassinator Posts: 4 New Agent

    I'm not sure neither. I'm new to the game and I just passed the cosmic trial 10 minutes ago with Rocket. After that I looked through my stats and such and realized that I have no clue where it's most beneficial to put my Infinity Points.

    If you or anyone else has a clue, please let us know here. I'm interested in the summoner build mainly - if that's important. Cheers.

  • HulkSMASSHHHulkSMASSHH Posts: 457 Amazing

    For all heroes I've been putting all intervals of 25 into one of their two main attributes and then raising Crit Hit Chance then Crit Hit Damage. So for Rocket I would probably look into the Mind Gem for Intelligence and then whatever left over points dump them into Crit Chance/Damage.

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