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Squirrel Saboteurs is STILL broken, and has apparently been broken for months!!

RoninFistRoninFist ALL THE DEADPOOLSVancouver, BCPosts: 10 Mighty

For the "Squirrel Saboteurs" power, the summoned squirrels just run to the edge of the screen and won't attack any enemies. This makes the power completely useless, as well as the Trait that buffs the power completely useless.

It was reported in the Bugs section of the forums, but hasn't been fixed for Early Release. I then went and looked at the PC forums, and saw that this bug has also been broken for at least 6 months on their side!

Considering SG is one of only 3 characters that players can afford with the new starting Eternity Splinter amount, it is really, really disappointing that this bug would be ignored for minor visual fixes on some other characters. :(


  • IceBusterIceBuster Original East CoastPosts: 14 Mighty
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    Just started using SG and noticed this too. Complete waste of an ability slot because radiated squirrels do nothing. I hope Gaz fixes this.

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