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Ant-Man's Updated Primary. How does he feel?

The Parabolic PandaThe Parabolic Panda AssembledPosts: 69 Mighty

Anyone try Ant-Man's new version yet? The changes sound interesting


  • MidnightRyderMidnightRyder Guardian Flipadelphia Posts: 246 Amazing

    Yeah, I'm glad he's gotten some much-needed love. But haven't tested him out yet. Haven't tried Thor either who got a rework as well.

  • Caliber345Caliber345 Jersey Docks, Port Elizabeth Posts: 67 Mighty

    In Closed Beta, I got him to lvl 60, and from 54 to 60 was on Super Heroic.

    I'm up to lvl 17 so far and I feel like they nerfed ACP, his Resource. Now maybe it's just because I'm still early level without buffed gear and Talents, so hopefully I'm just struggling because I'm only lvl 17. I want to run him the same way as I had him in Closed Beta once I open all of his Powers. My Beta setup had me cycling through a compliment of his Powers and only having to melee briefly to build up remaining Resource that was left as cooldowns finished. I'll report back as I level up more.

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  • Caliber345Caliber345 Jersey Docks, Port Elizabeth Posts: 67 Mighty
    edited May 21


    I just read the Patch Notes on the game's main menu and it details all of the Ant-Man changes. I was right. They completely reworked his ant Resource/Spirit system. I don't like it one bit. I may abandon the character, who I loved in Closed Beta. This was going to be one of three games I play for the foreseeable future. I was willing to sink money into it, also. Now, if I can't find another character I like, maybe not so much...

    I felt like at lvl 60 on Super Heroic, Ant-Man wasn't overpowered. I found a flow that seemed balanced. It could become repetitive depending on the mob I was facing, but against stronger foes and crowds I went through my cycle and then improvised based on what was happening. It was still fun and engaging. It appears that the devs felt otherwise and nerfed him by making ACP more demanding.


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  • TonyBingTonyBing Posts: 2,399 Astonishing
    edited May 22

    He feels pretty good (bio blast spending Ants though is a big no no) but at the end of the day, he felt good before so don't see the need for the huge rework!

    Edit: I will also add that it seems he will need a lot of spirit for his builds to feel more fluid.

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  • TheBlackPhantomTheBlackPhantom Hour away from Disney WorldPosts: 10 Mighty

    I agree, he runs out of ACP pretty quickly. He feels amazing right off the bat, but I'm hoping they tweak his little spirit problem because considering there are more ants than there are people on this planet....I run out of ants too quickly lol

  • StaalStaal Assembled Posts: 38 Mighty
    edited May 27

    Ant-man still seems very weak compared to other heroes, at least while leveling, been working on getting synergies, and out of the 7 chars to 50-60 so far he has been the weakest of the bunch sadly.

  • astroconastrocon Posts: 2 New Agent

    Antman does need a lot of spirit/acp to be more fluid. Passed cosmic trial by using Ant Decoy (with bullet ant trait), drone strike, crazy ants, and then spamming fistful of ants.

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