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Marvel Heroes Omega

looking forward to this one

Matt34leo2Matt34leo2 Posts: 1,433 Astonishing

I never played on PC, and I have never like the character of Daredevil. However, I just watched a gameplay video of his moves on PC and his costume selection. This guy looks like he is going to be a lot of fun. Now, I'm really looking forward to giving him a try.


  • AgentYetiAgentYeti Posts: 731 Amazing

    You and me both! You and me both sir!

    He is a combo character like She Hulk, so it's kinda hard to keep track of everything sometimes. Basically you use combo attacks to build up combo points, once they are full you use a finisher to spend them for big damage. It's a lot of fun but sometimes it's a little overwhelming trying to keep an eye on the action on screen, your health, your spirit, your cooldowns, and your combo points on top of it. But master it and it's a lot of fun!

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  • The Parabolic PandaThe Parabolic Panda Assembled Posts: 69 Mighty

    I was in the same boat. After the Netflix series, I started becoming a little more interested in Daredevil, but it wasn't until Marvel Heroes that I learned just how awesome he was

  • GiSSedGiSSed World 1-2Posts: 11 Mighty

    Any idea when he gets released? Figured he would be out by open beta.

  • MespoMespo Posts: 303 Amazing

    @GiSSed said:
    Any idea when he gets released? Figured he would be out by open beta.

    seen people using him today i assumed he would be out tomorrow for open beta

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  • AlllDayAlllDay Posts: 3 New Agent

    He will be available once the PlayStation update hits on Tuesday from what I've seen

  • Irnbruaddict83Irnbruaddict83 Glasgow Posts: 121 Incredible

    Out now if you in EU B)

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  • GrizznitchPs4GrizznitchPs4 Posts: 166 Incredible

    not in us as of 630 am est

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